Journey With Myself Promotion : Promote to win a top level domains + Hosting!

This is a promotional giveaway where you could win the following prizes: Top Level Domains [Like *.com *.org *.in etc] Premium hosting for 1 year Many domains This promotion will run from Sunday, 12th October’ 2011 to 31st October’ 2011 00:00 hours (mid-night). Result of the promotion will be announced on within a week and prizes will be distributed to all the winners in the next 3 weeks’ time.

Every Day is A New Day

New day.. New office location.. New Seat.. So many new things happened to me before this new year comes. Newness always brings enthusiasm and excitement. Hope this New Year also comes with hand full of surprises as Every Day is a New Day indeed..!!!

12 Most Famous Love Stories of All Time

When: 31 BC Where: Rome and Egypt What’s So Special about Their Love: These two had a love so strong, war was waged against them to break them up. When Mark Antony left his wife, Octavia, for the mesmerizing Cleopatra, Octavia’s brother Octavian brought the army of Rome to destroy them. These two lovers were so entranced with each other that they committed suicide rather than be apart- the ultimate Romeo and Juliet true love story.

Mahatma`s Teachings

I like both the movies MunnaBhai MBBS and Lage Raho MunnaBhai. I dont know about the Gandhi`s political decisions but I believe in his teachings to the nation.

Universal Truth about Boys............lolz!!

Now i truly admit, Google is very very very smart......

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Update Your Facebook Status with Twitter

Did you know that it is possible to have Twitter automatically update your Facebook page? It’s actually very simple. In fact, I haven’t manually updated my Facebook status in months.

twitter logo with arrow pointing to facebook pages
To get this process working, follow these six simple steps. It shouldn’t take you more than five minutes, max. These instructions assume that you already have both a Facebook account and a Twitter account.
  1. Make sure you are logged into Facebook. Now go to the Facebook’s Twitter application page. Now click on the Go to Application button. It looks like this: how-to-update-your-facebook-status-wiith-twitter-01.jpg
  2. The application will now ask you to confirm that Twitter can access your Facebook information. Click on the Allow button. how-to-update-your-facebook-status-wiith-twitter-02
  3. Now log into your Twitter account by entering your Twitter username and password. The screen looks similar to this: how-to-update-your-facebook-status-wiith-twitter-03
    Click on the Login button.
  4. You can now actually use Twitter from within Facebook. The screen looks like this: how-to-update-your-facebook-status-wiith-twitter-04
    Personally, I never use this. I want the reverse of this. I want to update my Facebook status from Twitter. Therefore, click on the Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status button in the upper-right of the screen.
  5. You should get a confirmation screen that looks similar to this: how-to-update-your-facebook-status-wiith-twitter-05
    Now confirm that you are willing to let Twitter update your Facebook status by clicking the Allow Status Updates button.
  6. After you click this button, you will go to the Twitter application. Don’t Twitter anything from here. Instead, go to your Facebook Home page, by clicking the Home link on the Facebook menu. Now you can test the connection by going to your favorite Twitter application or the Twitter web page and entering a tweet. Wait a minute or two and go back to your Facebook home page and refreshing it. Your most recent tweet should be displayed as your Facebook status. This is how my status looked:
That’s all there is to it. Now every time you Twitter something, your Facebook status will be automatically updated.
Update: If you don’t want to send every one of your tweets to Facebook, then check out Selective Twitter Status. It allows you to designate the tweets you want to appear on Facebook by end a tweet with the #fb “hashtag” in your post. Only those tweets with the hash tag at the end will be posted on Facebook.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mujhsai Shaadi Karoge..?

I need to wake up to the fact that choosing a life partner is a decision as huge as Jupiter. And I need to find a boy who is happily excited to see me gossiping all day with him.

I have had the coffee-movie-pizza thing with friends who are boys, but in some years, I will need to find a boy whom I understand and who understands me and decides much more than which pizza to order. And finding him is not easy, considering that I think boys are indirect, complicated, get angry too fast and ask questions only to hear the answers they want.

I want a guy who respect girls, has a gud sense of humour, take care of me, has values in life & who says BIG NO to "Smoking, Drinking & Non - Veg".

So all this, and add to that a thick Gurgaon traffic and a cellphone which keeps ringing, and life gets a little jumpy for me at 22.

In a childish sort of manner, I want to ring up god and ask him “Hey, can you rewind my age by four years, I am not exactly ready for this!”, but I think he will just bang down the receiver.

But if I look at the overall stuff, I need to bring back some balance in my life. I need to ask myself some questions. I need to find some answers. How do I do that? I will figure it out right after I finish this blog.