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Every Day is A New Day

New day.. New office location.. New Seat.. So many new things happened to me before this new year comes. Newness always brings enthusiasm and excitement. Hope this New Year also comes with hand full of surprises as Every Day is a New Day indeed..!!!

12 Most Famous Love Stories of All Time

When: 31 BC Where: Rome and Egypt What’s So Special about Their Love: These two had a love so strong, war was waged against them to break them up. When Mark Antony left his wife, Octavia, for the mesmerizing Cleopatra, Octavia’s brother Octavian brought the army of Rome to destroy them. These two lovers were so entranced with each other that they committed suicide rather than be apart- the ultimate Romeo and Juliet true love story.

Mahatma`s Teachings

I like both the movies MunnaBhai MBBS and Lage Raho MunnaBhai. I dont know about the Gandhi`s political decisions but I believe in his teachings to the nation.

Universal Truth about Boys............lolz!!

Now i truly admit, Google is very very very smart......

Monday, December 10, 2007

Thanking You

Hey.. I m back & thanking you all for calling me here again in this,

"Journey With Myself"

I guess everyone lost intrest but you guys made me realize that even though you never comment but you are silent member of my blog.

So.. no worries guys as i m going to rock Mumbai, Ahemdabad & Pune..

I will be having lots & pots of stories 2 share wid ya..

Till den.. miss me!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What Interests You in a Person?

People are not like a piece of glass that you can look though see the other side. People are more like diamonds, which when held against light reflect and deflect light so that a myriad of colors are seen. We’re complex.
People have a lots of interests and what interests me may or may not interest you. Even though interests are numerous, you are bound to find a lot of people who share your interests. So, what are your interests? That is something for you to think about.
You might have to do some serious thinking before you level down you preferences. There might be a lot of things that you enjoy doing but you rarely get a chance to do.
Once you have decided on what your interests are then half the story is done. For the other part of the story, you need to sit and think about what you would like in another person. Having the same interests doesn’t necessarily mean that you can get along with a person
For example, if you are a person who likes to talk a lot, it doesn’t mean that you could like another person who likes to talk a lot as well. If two people try to keep talking at the same time then obviously, there cannot be any dialogue.
So also, if you are the silent reserved type and the other person is too, the there will hardly be any dialogue at all! The word over here is “compatible.” The interests of partners should complement each other and not clash.
So, sit down right now and do some thinking. Start to get a picture of exactly what you are looking for before you ever start trying to find someone online.

More Than Looks

Sit for a minute or two and try and think about the things that interest you and things that you would find interesting in a person.

By ‘things’ over here I am not referring to physical attributes. I am not referring to something that might interest you in a person’s physical appearance. Again the distinction has to be drawn between a serious relationship and a casual relationship. In a casual relationship, you are usually more concerned with what the person looks like.

On the other hand, if you have a serious relationship, then the physical qualities are not so important. Compatibility is probably the most important factor over here. Along with that there are certain other qualities that obviously you will be looking out for. After all, beauty is only skin deep!

This idea might sound strange, but it is actually true. The idea is that it is possible to grow to like the looks of a person. Once you find the character of the person agreeable you will start liking the person as a whole. It is entirely possible to fall in love with a person if the person does not look like a movie star. That is one of the tricks that nature plays.

There are many people who insist on taking a look at the other person’s picture before actually committing to a relationship. They might have their reasons of course, but I, for one, feel that such a decision based largely on looks is more suitable for a casual relationship. It is bound to fizzle out after a while. After all, how long can you keep staring at a person? And what happens if the person doesn’t stare back at you?

Or even worse, what happens if you find the person staring at another person? Looks may be important, but they certainly are not the most important thing and should never be used as the deciding factor if you are thinking about a serious relationship.

A Casual Relationship or Something More?

Everybody knows that humans are social creatures, but we are also lonely creatures. We all enjoy company.

Company not just from friends and family, but from that special person that we can share sweet nothings and simple pleasures and pains, someone who we can build a whole new life with, someone who we can raise a family of our own with. A basic need of every person is to find a life mate. And the most popular method used for this is dating.

When we talk about dating, know that we aren't talking about just a step towards sleeping together. Dating is much more than that. It is the first step towards choosing a life partner and online dating has made the whole process a lot simpler.

Now what you do and what you want is entirely your business. I don’t want to sound like I am getting in your business but I would like to point out the differences between the kind of dating that is involved if you are looking for a casual relationship or if you are looking for a more serious relationship..

Obviously in a casual relationship you are looking for fun. And mind you, fun can mean many different things. Here the person you would look for is obviously someone who doesn't want a serious relationship.

If both of you are on the same page then it is all good because you understand each other perfectly and don't expect much from such a relationship. This leaves no room for heartbreak.

It's when one of you is in for something more serious and the other is into only fun that the problems start. So you should be absolutely clear about what you are looking for from the start, and you should make your intentions very clear to the other person.

At the same time you should have no doubts about the intentions of the other person as well. Remember, even if it is a casual relationship, there should be mutual understanding about the nature of the relationship.

Of course, there is always a possibility that a casual relationship can turn into something more serious. But, again in such cases it is your instincts that can help you identify what is good and what is bad.

No matter how strong a person is, anyone can be taken for a ride or be taken for granted. Being deceived or dumped is not a nice experience. So those of you who are going in for a casual relationship, be on your guard! Marriage is altogether a different story but we will deal with that later.

Friends First

I think you should look at internet dating not as a prospective husband/wife hunt but as an effort to make a lot of friends, and I mean good friends. Friends that you can laugh with, friends who make you laugh. Not everyone can make us laugh, and when I say laugh, I am not talking about some comedian. I am talking about friends here.

Friends make your life richer. The best thing about friends is that you can be yourself with them and they can be themselves with you. And that means letting it all out. Remember, that besides being your husband or wife, your spouse should be your best friend as well.

That is one mistake that most couples make. They tend to look upon their friends and their spouses as separate. While it is perfectly ok to have your own friends, your best friend should always be your husband or wife.

They should be someone you can share your dreams and fears with, someone who understands, someone who can give your hand a gentle squeeze when things go wrong and someone who can brighten up your darkest day.

All this is a very far cry from sex right? That is why I did mention earlier that looks and sex should be the last criteria in the selection of a life partner. The marriage proposal must come as a natural sequence and it should by no means be the first thing that comes out as soon as you warm up to a person. You cannot very well say something like, “hey, you know what, I think we have the same tastes so let’s get married.”

I hope you have got the hang of what I meant by working backwards now? Good. You are ready to move on now.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hey Krishna.. I dont want too much

Its been like this all the way through.

Just work hard for another x no of days/months/years and then ur life will be a lot better,I AM hard during 10th boards,ull get a stream of ur choice, n life is hard during 12th boards, n ull get into a good college n ur life will be better hard fr MBA,ur life will be gloriously better than ever.

this is what i was told,or rather i imagined them to be true.

but today when i am lounging here in office PC,i pause to wonder-
Is my life better,or is it just my CAREER which is better?

I admit that i suspect my career is on the right track n ill be able to feed my children two meals a day n send them to a decent english medium school.but my life is much more,more than just career.

Maybe I m not Ambitious. I dont know if this is a normal thing but I am happier eating dal-chawal sitting on the floor at my home rather than having lunch at the Taj with Vice president of a multinational .I feel happier sitting on the kitchen floor chatting with mum rather than brainstorming at some air conditioned office.I prefer watching Romantic Movies rather than watching powerpoint presentations at a corporate meeting.
I know that i need money.everybody does.but its just an instrument to get what you want,to make ur family happy being one of them.n if u sacrifice these ultimate sources of happiness for money,well..then, I dont get the idea.its like having a pen but not having the time to write a poem.i see old couples living alone,supporting each other's frail lives while their successful children are attending meetings at the silicon is said that the best ne parent can wish for is the child's success,but i dont accept that this old mother who spent her life caring for this child,and is now left to live her life hoping that the child will remember to call her from his apartment in california,doesnt feel the hurt.

so i just hope that i am not so "successful",that i dont care for the little but real joys of life.i dont want a big car or a mansion or a job which pays me like crazy but makes me crazy with all the workload.

yea,i can do without a great CAREER , but give me a great LIFE god.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mujhsai Shaadi Karoge..?

I need to wake up to the fact that choosing a life partner is a decision as huge as Jupiter. And I need to find a boy who is happily excited to see me gossiping all day with him.

I have had the coffee-movie-pizza thing with friends who are boys, but in some years, I will need to find a boy whom I understand and who understands me and decides much more than which pizza to order. And finding him is not easy, considering that I think boys are indirect, complicated, get angry too fast and ask questions only to hear the answers they want.

I want a guy who respect girls, has a gud sense of humour, take care of me, has values in life & who says BIG NO to "Smoking, Drinking & Non - Veg".

So all this, and add to that a thick Gurgaon traffic and a cellphone which keeps ringing, and life gets a little jumpy for me at 22.

In a childish sort of manner, I want to ring up god and ask him “Hey, can you rewind my age by four years, I am not exactly ready for this!”, but I think he will just bang down the receiver.

But if I look at the overall stuff, I need to bring back some balance in my life. I need to ask myself some questions. I need to find some answers. How do I do that? I will figure it out right after I finish this blog.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ordinary Sunday

If you read the last post here , and more importantly , since then did not undergo some ‘bada hee bhari sadma’ which took away your ‘yaddasht hamesha hamesha ke liye ’ , you would remember that there was something wrong with the sound of my Computer . I mean , the sound of the Computer had gone poof . English movies dekhne mein tho problem nahi thee , because I did not understand what they were saying anyway , and the himesh videos actually felt better without the voice , but I was missing out on all the hindi movies .
So I took away the Computer to get it repaired. It had been three long months and three long days without a Computer for me when I get it repaired. And there it was ,Computer sitting proudly on the Computer Table in my living room.( kaafi bada lag raha hai.. bahut dino baad jo dekha hai , Adnan Sami pura iske andar reh sakta hain ).So all those reading this , please pause for a moment , close your eyes , look up at the stars ( Oye , eyes close karne ke baad stars ko look kaise karoge ?) , and send a little thanks to my Computer .
And after a long time , something went perfectly fine in my life .
Now .. Everythg is Hot & Happening

2day.. I m going 2 njoii Chak De India & Hey Baby!
So all you Delhi gals , lock your boyfriends in refridgerators ( sacchi , you should have met me when I caught that 103 degree fever , I was so , so , hot .)

I know aap logo ko bhi samajh nahin aa raha hoga ki mai kya kya likhe jaa rahi hu.. Infact mujhe bhi nahin aa raha hai.. so dont take tension, pair dukh jaayenge khamakha..

Actually mujhse khushi sambhal nahin rahi naa.. isliye plz tum hi sambhal lo.. kekeke.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Me With Myself

In my Life`s Journey, I just enrolled myself in MBA Programme from ICFAI.

Actually,I couldn't do my job now without having an MBA but, on the other hand, I can't claim that I use particular skills or techniques in my job that I will learn in the MBA. It's more that it gave me a general sense of confidence and a grounding in all business areas and types of people.

Also, I m planning to invest in Share Market as Sensex is @ towering heights.
I m positively looking forward to it wen I dont know anythg abt it(lolz...).

Looking for a new job too.. (agar koi ho to batana.. itne kam paiso mai guzara nahin hota yaar!) as I have to gift a Car to my dear sweetheart & lovely MOM on her 25th Marriage Anniversary.

so much work to do & still I m writting a Blog..
k.. guys I know I know I gotta go now & start performing actions to implement plans running inside my mind..

Catch ya laters!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ofcourse.. love exists!

Well. We all are living in “Scientific Age” & we look for the reasons & proofs to believe on anything.
We ask, Air exists or not?
If it is then why can’t we touch it.
We get its logical answer & start believing. Right?
But have ya ever thought that if we still didn’t be able to find its existence then,
Is there no air available on this Earth?
Second thing, I am not cheating to myself & I never do.
Yes, It is true “Respect” is the building block of “Love” but that doesn`t mean that “Love” doesn`t exist.
“If I believe in love I should also have reason to believe, that without empirical evidence,things exist, like GOD.”
Well, it was a good question and one that I was not prepared to answer. Nevertheless, I was compelled by the philosophical ideas that were presented and needed to spend time thinking about how I can answer that question of LOVE.
Here is a quote that could solve a lot of problems if people lived by it:
‘You are so young, my son(and daughter), and, as the years go by, time will change and even reverse many of your present opinions. Refrain therefore awhile from setting yourself up as judge of the highest matters.’ - PLATO
How can one prove that love exists? For that matter how can one prove that any emotion, or feelings exists? Compassion, hate, fear, calm, excitement, joy, amazement, fortunate, pleased, angry, irritated, hostile, mad, violent, skeptical, lost, and the list goes on! As far as PROVING any of these, NO - you cannot. The question really should be: “Is it RATIONAL to believe that you LOVE someone or that someone LOVES you? And I would say that the answer for me is a resounding YES. It is very rational.
Love is shown in so many ways. A wink, a smile, a look, a hug, a kiss, and if you love someone more than average, it may be shown through selfless acts, sacrificial compromises, lifelong commitments, in marriage, or as a parent raising their child. This is evidential basis for a rational belief that love exists. However, evidence is open for debate and can be wrong, but in the end I believe the existence of LOVE is rational.
I believe that conversation can be cut short because of something called Faith.
What about Faith? Does that count for anything. Of course it does. I will never be able to disprove God to a man/women of Faith. That is why I don’t engage in these conversations too often, because they come to a stand still when faith comes into the conversation. I see faith as a roadblock to logical discourse, and I also understand that logical discourse doesn’t matter to most who have Faith or the other side of that.
Faith disregards any evidential type of conversation.
What does it come down to then if I can’t prove that God doesn’t exists or prove that he does? It means that for each person we must choose between a few options about the beginnings of time. (there may be more that just a few options but these are the main ones…)
1. That God exists
2. That God doesn’t exist
3. That you don’t know.
I personally believe that no one knows for sure.
It is the most honest I can be with myself. Now this obviously brings up a ton of other questions… but that part can be for later.
I look forward to hearing your response if you would be so kind.
DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to change my beliefs, as a matter of fact, I have done so many times and that is why I am always willing to engage in conversations about GOD, the UNIVERSE and EVERYTHING at anytime.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Likes versus Dislikes

The next thing that you should do is make a list of qualities that you genuinely dislike in a person. No, I am not joking! Ask yourself what are the deal breakers. Dislikes are just as important, or even more important than likes. We all have to make compromises here and there, but if you start out by ignoring or accepting things which you really dislike, at sometime or the other the truth will come out.
I would like to add a word of caution here. A lot of people make a mistake when they are dating. They put up their best behavior which is very good of course, but they try to be very adjusting and accommodating which is NOT very good. A point that they tend to over look is that they are not going to be on a camping trip with this person that they are trying to impress; they are going to be living the rest of their lives with the person. So it is best to be yourself.
If you think that you will be able to change the persons offending habits, forget it. The moment you start trying to change someones habits, whatever they may be, you become a ‘nag’ and if the person does drop the habit, he or she will love you less for it.
It really doesn’t work that way. So it’s best to have a clear idea about qualities and habits that you really dislike in a person and stay away from people who have those habits.
Once you have a fairly clear idea about your likes and dislikes you are in a better position to make the right choice. And considering all the people out there, don't start worrying that you might not find any one at all. He or she is out there, and if you keep looking, you will find them.
Some people believe that every thing is all right. That it has been written down who should marry who and in the end only the things which should happen will happen. Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know that dating helps speed up the process.

I'm Lonely; It Feels Just Like This:

Lonely days of my life!
As I look back I see
No way to go, no path
to follow.
It seems as I have never been
alive in this world.
Broken wings of wind, covered face
of sun, clouds with their
wet eyes,
and fallen leaves
surrounding me
Is all I see.
Lonely for such long time
I have been,
is what I feel.
but I only have a letter
as a sign of my
existence that says
it has been 21 years since
I have died.
And today is
my 22th birthday!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Answer 2 ur Comments..

Fst of all.. Thx a lot guys 4 such an participation..
Its really a nail-biting experience (ki.. kya hoga next.. ) in reading your comments..

Also, you voted for your Blog Star.. But still only 13 votes came..
I think i will wait for some more votes & den declare it 2 u..

Today I will answer your comments in my this post as I also feel like commenting on ur views..

May I...?

k.. here it goes..

@ Acoustic Dreamer..

Ok.. I agree with you that "Whatever is not proven does not exist" but if "Love" doesn`t exist then "God" also don`t exist according to you as it is not yet proven.

There will always be mystery beyond our knowledge. Learning to be comfortable in the tension between affirming our faith and asking questions about our faith in the next is to accept our human frailty.

Jesus said,"The more enlightened you become as an adult, the more childlike will be your wisdom"

I don't claim to be right or wrong. I understand that many do not believe as I do and I don't ask of proof or evidence to support their beliefs..

But I believe "My god is the force that encourages evolution, given that evolution is moving in a direction of unity,diversity & unconditional love."

Also,an emotion which you describe,"A Feeling which just not a notion, or just a part of an evolution....its a aggression born by Rebellion Soul of Social Revolution"
But I feel, "Love is an emotion that can make you weaker or stronger... It depends on how you use it."

@ Rahul Sharma..

There is no such thing as "True Love" or "False Love".
If it is "Love" then it is true ofcourse and if it is not true then it is not "Love" but a mere "Lust".

@ Neeraj Goel..

Its not always about "Veer Zara".
Its not always necessary that A Love Story ending up with a Painful sacrifice is more TRUE than A Love Story with a Happy End.

Yes,Love do seeks sacrifices but an happy ending love story is a successful one.

@ Deepti Singh..

The more love you want to experience, the more love you must give away.
We all seek love . . . we all want to be loved. And yet love can only be ours if we give it to others. The more we give, the greater is the return. Trying to control or possess love is like trying to hold onto a sunbeam. It cannot be done.

umm.. It was gr8 discussing wid ya all..

God Bless ya..!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

@ Cafe Coffee Day

I looked around at all the "couples" who sat around me.Holding hands.Shy smiles.Loud giggles.People in "love" maybe.

Love. As in , the "boy-girl" love.

You would have heard this word."Love"
It is as overused a word.For a bollywood director , "love" must be the greatest invention ever .
My friend says he is in "love" with the girl who works at the second floor of his office.I am told the punjabi girl in my class is in "love" with the hairy south indian guy in the next class.The other day , I saw the boy who hands out the food in my office canteen , with the girl who does the dishes.Maybe , they are in "love" too.
Even the cyber world is bustling with desperate flirts who hope to find "love".
And then this boyfriend-girlfriend thing.Its like a toothbrush.You got to have one.
" Hi , I have brain cancer."
Thats ok , we all gotta die anyways.
"Hello , I got limphoosirkoma of the intestine."
Chill , Rajesh Khanna in "anand" had it too.
"Namaste , my house burned down last night."
Arre tension nahi yaar , these things happen.
"Hey , I dont have a girlfriend."
What ! Why did not you tell me about this ? Oh poor boy , everything will be fine.God can be real cruel sometimes...
So love is like the neighbourhood gossip .Everybody knows about love.Talks about love.
And the way this "love" word is used , leaves me feeling strange.
I feel there are two different aspects.To love someone.And to be loved.It is said "to be loved" is a natural need.And for me , its a need and not love.As long as you want this person or need this person , you dont love him , you love yourself and want "to be loved".Love is not meant to be a selfish thing.Love is much harder and selfless than that.To love is not to wish for someone to be with oneself , but to give up oneself for that someone.Love is not in sharing coconut water on some beach, but in staying thirsty if it helps him.Love is not in him coming to you , but to care for him when you know he would not come to you.
For me , true love is not about the scene with your boy , where white clouds float around your ankles , and a cool breeze flows across the screen , well fed european guys play violins in the background , and you do a salsa with him and kiss him.For me , love's beauty is in being so consumed with it , that you forget your pains and smile , just because he smiled somewhere , aware of your existence no longer.
Love is not about wanting him , but wanting him happiness , with you or without you.
See,I am no authority.I am no love guru .I am no headmaster of the "Institute of Love Matters" ( ILM..doesnt sound bad ).But the way love is seen as some "coochie-coochie-valentines-gift-holding hands" concept leaves me feeling funny.Love is hard.Love is not a punishment which leaves you restless.But it is something which makes you feel a bliss in a punishment , just because he is happy.
I am not looking at any roses placed between yellowed pages.And I do not wish to insult anyone's feelings.Just that I feel, that to love someone is supposed to be something very deep and heartfelt, that when you say "I love you" to a boy, realise the responsibility and commitment it stands for. Its not about you anymore.Its about him.And I am not trying to preach anything here , please. Just that I felt something and wrote it.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Nationalising tobacco industry is a possible way to control tobacco

Many found it an unusual conclusion (and some apparently radical) when speaking at the “Conference on Strategy Planning on Tobacco Control” I suggested that “Nationalisation of the Tobacco Industry” is a possible solution to tackle the tobacco menace. Many jaws dropped and I could clearly see many mouths wide open on this suggestion; a few also labelled me as “Removed from the reality” and suggested me to become “Practical.”

For me, this “Nationalisation” option was not an out-of-the-blues impromptu bombshell but rather a well thought out and deliberated suggestion. I had carefully pondered over the possible options after considering the actual state of affairs and the condition of governance in India before arriving at the suggested conclusion of taking over of the tobacco industry by the government as one of the most practical ways of containing tobacco. Some may not agree; I am willing to provide all of them reasons on how and why this is one of the best options for India.

It is impossible to restrain the profit minded tobacco companies just by enforcing legislation or other such methods so we have to find more effective and practical ways to stop the five million annual death-toll due to tobacco. The industry is incorrigible and for them profit will always weigh over the human lives. Even with the most benevolent intentions, it is a foolish assumption (I think it is) that the tobacco industry will work for it’s own de-growth. If tomorrow, cocaine and marijuana becomes even partially legal many greedy hounds will happily jump in to sell that too. We have no phase-out plan for tobacco so that’s a good thing for the industry; it sends a clear message that they can continue doing what they are doing and that tobacco will remain in the society for time immemorial.

A phased de-growth can only be worked out by the governments and not the industry. For this it is pertinent that the government takes over the tobacco industry under its complete control by nationalising tobacco and working on a fade-off plan.

This can be done by chalking out a 20 years phase-out plan with a targeted and properly planned 5 to 10 percent de-growth for the tobacco industry every year. After the premeditated period of 20 years the tobacco industry will shrink to the size of less than one sixth of the present size and then it could be extinguished. This kind of planning is also in the interest of the highly exploited tobacco farmers as the earning from tobacco during the intervening period can go to these marginalised farmers and thereby enable a scientifically phased shifting of the tobacco crop with other cash rich crops. Currently all the earning generated by exploiting tobacco farmers and by tobacco sales are siphoned by a handful of rich tobacco manufacturers and individuals but after nationalisation of the industry a part of the tobacco earning could also be used to treat tobacco related ailments and to meet other health care costs.

Who loose if tobacco industry is taken over by the government?

Public; No. All sections of the society stand to gain out of it.
Tobacco users; No; tobacco would be still available as it is on date; there is no proposal to ban it.
Farmers; No; rather they stand to gain by the additional revenue and by better wages if the government takes over the industry.
Government; No; there shall be greater revenue now available besides by phasing out tobacco, the health care cost will also start coming down.
Share holders; No; system to pay them back the share value over a period of time can be worked out and no economic loss would be caused.

So it’s only a win-win situation barring some minor losses to around 10-20 people around the world who illegally siphon most of the tobacco money.

In a civilised society why should any individual be allowed to profit from someone else’s miseries and death? When for a relatively minor violation affecting human health like selling pest infested food articles, etc. one is put behind bars (for years) under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, then how can we turn a nelsons’ eye to a deadly product like tobacco?

The other urgent requirement is that of licensing the tobacco trade. When even benevolent medicines are sold only through licensed chemists then why should a fatal drug delivery product, “Tobacco” be openly sold? Immediate licensing of all tobacco related activities will add billions of rupees to the government kitty and also be highly helpful in regulating most of the tobacco related demand side violations.

It is a historical mistake that tobacco became a legal product but now is the time to rectify the mistake. We have all the facts, rationale and means to correct one of the biggest mistakes of the civilised world. Let’s work for it.

(Download the presentation from

Monday, August 27, 2007

Be Mother Teressa not Mallika!!

I feel women are made by god to be much more sensitive and mature and complete than men. And that’s their beauty.They are elegant and caring and have this delicate sense about them. And their liberation lies in being able to do what they wish , but not in disregarding the modesty and elegance which is the essence of feminism. I mean , if a girl thinks her freedom is in wearing minimal clothes in public , she needs to see the thousands of ordinary girls all over India , who wear cotton salwaar suits and may be termed “behenjis” or “orthodox” , but have an inner confidence to go out and work as teachers and nurses , instead of being a Mallika

Thursday, August 23, 2007


The day began just the same but when I saw the so called wonderful “appetite-killer” breakfast which was an insult to the hen who laid the eggs that went into its making. If that hen tasted that omelette , she would spit it out and ask the cooks, “you killed my kids to make this piece of crap ? ” It was .....yuk!! I was wondering what has happen to Mankind ? Even the newspaper was the same. Man kills wife. Woman kills husband. Then both of them kill themselves. The same old Hum Vs. Tum battle, but without the songs and the happy and safe , Saif – Rani ending.

I have never been involved in a big accident

But I have seen a friend spend a year in bed , when he should have been studying in USA. He chose the wrong night to test his bike’s capabilities , and spent many a night regaining his own physical capabilities.

You have seen those advertisements on doordarshan. Use iodized salt to prevent swollen necks , feed ORS to munna when he shits a lot , wear a condom all the time , and the rest .You know how boring those preaching advertisements are. So I won't make this into another “drive carefully , your kids and your dog are waiting at home” advertisements.

So whenever you take out your car / bike / scooter / moped / bicycle / truck / bus / auto onto the road , just remember that a lot of people want you to return alive , primarily , all those guys whom you owe some money .If you drive some vehicle , please drive it carefully. It takes a moment to ruin everything. Do not allow that moment to happen .

& Please deliver pleasant newsflashes to make my mornings more eventful.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

my thought process...

Yesterday , I was having a conversation with a friend.Since I was a part of the conversation , it was of shameful intellectual standards .I was talking about my haircut . ( I think I look cute after the haircut. I guess everyone found it cute ).
Suddenly , the talk moved onto a rather philosophical plane. Within a matter of minutes , the haircut talk developed into an animated discussion and my friend asked me this

" Have you ever thought what kind of person are you?".

I promptly coughed , murmered something useless , and then started talking about something else .The conversation ended soon after. ( Itne heavy questions poochegi to end karni hee padegi na ) . But then I got back to my room , jumped in my bed , drew my bedsheet over the eyes , stared into the darkness and thought
"What kind of person am I?"

I guess thinking about oneself once in a while clears up things , and then why should only celebrities get to talk about themselves and their favorite colors and favorite dishes ?
I talk about what I think of myself as a person .

I read it somewhere that,

"The most uncomfortable person in this world is a person who is not himself."

I tore away the page carrying this quote I went home and pasted this sheet on the wall of my room .

But over the years , I have tried to practise what this quote said . So I have learnt to listen to myself . I have learnt to develop a sense of self security so I dont need to do things which make me 'cool' or 'happening'or 'smart'.

Improvement is something that belongs to my priority list , but pretending to please your senses is not exactly on my things-to-do list. In short , I am uncool , stuck-in-old-times , and strange to a lot of people , but I have learnt to be myself .

I am beginning to understand the importance of searching for happiness in the right places . Achievements , salaries , accolades , shallow relations serve as a rocket fuel for the ego , but an ego boost is as different from happiness .

I am learning from life , that things change , people change , and clinging onto anything is selfish and useless .

Anyway , I have already destroyed every limit of self indulgance tonight by talking about myself so long , so I will wrap up now.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Where's my purpose , dude ?

P.S. : Any use of words with violent or abusive connotations is due to a lack of breakfast and a shoulder pain resulting from the awkward position I slept in LAST NIGHT.

First of all , I am not sad . I have a decent career taking off , a family I love , friends I love, and my moto ming bluetooth headset I am beginning to love. So it would only take a couple of Himesh Reshammiya's CDs to make me feel sad . On a related note , I yesterday saw the video of "teri yaad na aye" from Himesh on MTV . The guy is crying lakes in the video . I had this urge to actually reach into the screen , wipe his face with a tissue and say "Na munna na , sab theek ho jayega ."

But even though I am not sad , I have a little thought nibbling on me this morning . The more I live , the more I realise two things . First , I still don't have a 'purpose' in my life . And second , now that I have lived some more , I have lesser time to find that purpose .It is like 3 years back I was "Chill yar" . I am only 18 . Only Lord Krishna found a purpose in life at that age." But Now I am like "Umm . I am almost 21 . And I think I will find a bigger meaning in life right after a little nap. "

Sure , I have phases of 'being driven' in my life . Like I wake up and say 'Right . Today I will call the Hutch Customer care people and tell them they should be looting banks in ski masks and not calling themselves a telecom service provider for all the scary things they are doing to my connection'.

" Oh right . Now all the things that seemed stupid and mundane to me make sense".I don't have a purpose which unites all the things I do and drives me and makes me say "Oh yeah , so this is what it was all about". In fact , that's the problem bugging me right now . I don't know what's it all about .Maybe there isn't supposed to be a purpose , a bigger meaning in life . Just live , have fun , eat good chinese food , watch movies , and of course , there is a moto ming headset .

Starting a Monday with such things I can almost imagine Lord Krishna sitting up there on a cloud and shaking his head and telling me "Take it easy kid ".
You know naa what that means for a working chap ?

So gulp some sandwiches and a hot coffee and everything will make sense & start working .

All the kids please get up and clap because my breakfast is finally here . And nothing gets in between a hungry me and a hot breakfast . So now yours truly will step back into the big bad corporate world . Let's pacify the rats in my tummy now . As for the purpose of life ...umm....pehle kha leti hoon !

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Maar Daala!!

D E A T H.
Bad word , hai na ? Ma says its a bad word.Death , nah , dont talk about it , chup paagal.Even in the movies , the heroine places her finger on the hero's lips before he can complete the sentence and whispers "Kabhi marne kee baat matt karna.Aisa nahee kehte".
But, its coming yaar.Death.It will happen.To me.To you.
Acchha yaar , now stop yelling "manhoos" , chup chaap baat sun.What if I were to die after half an hour.I shall never be able to feel ma's palm on my forehead again.I shall never hear my brother call me a pagal again.I shall never be able to tell my mom that even though I always try to act smart , she is the greatest women I have ever known.I shall never be able to tell the departmental store guy that I stole 3 eggs from his shop yesterday.Ok , dont dial 100 , the eggs wala part is not true.How could you imagine that yaar , me and stealing eggs ? I am a vegetarian.I steal carrots and dhania.
But seriously , death scares me.It scares me to be away from my loved ones.It scares me to die without doing all the things I want to do.It scares me that I may die.But death is real.And I may die after a year.I may die tomorrow after attending the class , If I do attend one.I may die before I complete this post.( But now that I have published it , I did not die before completing it,right ? Soch ke dekh ).
Now you may smirk and say "arre yaar , aise thode hee koee mar jaata hai".But I have seen lives shattering in the blink of an eye.A second's delay in hitting the brakes , a leaking gas cylinder , a desperate and armed domestic help in enough to change your life in a radical way , before you can say "maar daala".And not like Madhuri said it in Devdaas.
But the point is not to be scared of dying.
The point is to be scared of dying without really living.
I see around me.I see people I care for.Sometimes I see them sad .I see them clinging to bad memories , things which they cannot change , things which still hurt them , things which make tears flow down their cheeks.I know they are hurt and have reasons to feel sad.But life is not forever.Life is nothing but a limited number of moments gifted to us by god.And each moment is slipping by.Right now , a moment just passed by me , and took me closer to death , leaving me with lesser time to smile ,to crack some poor joke , to see my ma laugh , to see a friend find the happiness she deserves , to be a good person ,to make someone smile , to live.And the very thought of letting such a precious moment drown in a tear leaves me restless.Why do we people hurt each other , when this life may not be long enough to love each other ?
Maybe you need to know that you may never get a chance to be the good men/women you could have been.Maybe you need to know that the moment you have been waiting for to tell him/her how much you love him/her may never arrive.Maybe you need to know that you may never have the time to wipe off the tears you are causing today.Maybe you need to know that death is a surprisingly unexpected reality.Maybe you need to start living the life you should.
I know I know , I am saying nothing new.But life and the things it does to people and the things people do to it continue to amuse me.In short , ek baat bolti hun , all of us should respect and enjoy the ride , because hamari life kee taxi mein petrol kabhi bhi khatm ho sakta hain. And marne ke baad , you cant even fight with the cab driver.So smile , khush raho , muskurao , jeeyo ,and make people smile , kyunki ..kal ho na ho.Wait a minute ..kal ho na ho..yaar ye phrase kuch suna hua nahee lagta ?

Thx 4 ur reviews guys.................!!!!!

Kya yaar.... tumne to dil pe le li baat....!!

waise....After getting comments on my recent post....

I thought a lot abt dis thg & I really feel you guys are right..... but it was just an emotion came to my heart which i expressed.......

par achha hua meri aankhein sahi waqt pai khul gayi aur mai sapno ki duniya sai nikal aayi warna anarth ho jaata......(heheheh...)

Dont mind.. I m a big fan of hindi movies !! So..dialogues chori kiye hai..!!

I know..Marriage is just like dat ladoo "jo khaye wo pachtaye jo na khaye wo lalchaye"....lolz! plans & emotions are changed now & thx 2 u guys 4 dat....!!

now.. i m planning to enroll in an MBA Program.I m intersted in Finance & searching 4 d right in any case i won`t get marry before 2 years atleast....lolz!!

ab....Aaj khush to bahut hoge tum!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I believe a marriage is a union of two minds , who then commit to tread the path of life together , facing all adversity and celebrating all joys together , and helping each other grow in the process , the essence of a marriage is unaffected by trivial issues.

Do u also feel so..?

please share with me your thoughts about marriage yaar as wedding season is cmng soon & i m planning 2 .. so guys help me out yaarr..

As my status is soon going 2 change 4m single 2 committed .........................lolz

maine to haatho mai mehndi bhi laga li hai already.............abhi sai........!!

start preparations.. start shopping..

dhol bajne laga.. ho ho!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lets Start Blogging......

Myself "HETAL MEHTA" on 17-07-2007 writting a first blog of her life.. (I am saying like as if i would become SUPERCOOL Blogstar & create history someday....lolz )

Jokes apart,, I would like to tell you guys that yesterday I heard Interview of MrAbhinav Jain on AIR 104.8 Radio Meow in Just for Women Radio Station..he sounded quite cool & the way he described charm of Blogging in front of me,,I found it quite interesting & eventually I also decided to start writting a blog of my own..

Tthough I read blogs since last two years & but 2day something urged me and I also feel like writting with my terrible grammer...(heheheh.... ) they say that Blogging help you get a release..maybe..I am still too early into it to have a say on this.

But ifIi look for the reasons why I started..
Then its just bcozz.. It is the best way to get you occupied in your free time rather then chatting & orkutting or gossips..

Actually I am just sick & tired of all this time pass now.....I found its something new & innovative way to combine "Virtuality into Reality"

I know after reading this you`ll say what the heck... but i write it just to check out my skill and I already did a great Brain Storming in deciding a name for my Blog "JOURNEY WITH MYSELF" keep visiting this space and your comments are always WELCOME for this BEGINNER!!