Journey With Myself Promotion : Promote to win a top level domains + Hosting!

This is a promotional giveaway where you could win the following prizes: Top Level Domains [Like *.com *.org *.in etc] Premium hosting for 1 year Many domains This promotion will run from Sunday, 12th October’ 2011 to 31st October’ 2011 00:00 hours (mid-night). Result of the promotion will be announced on within a week and prizes will be distributed to all the winners in the next 3 weeks’ time.

Every Day is A New Day

New day.. New office location.. New Seat.. So many new things happened to me before this new year comes. Newness always brings enthusiasm and excitement. Hope this New Year also comes with hand full of surprises as Every Day is a New Day indeed..!!!

12 Most Famous Love Stories of All Time

When: 31 BC Where: Rome and Egypt What’s So Special about Their Love: These two had a love so strong, war was waged against them to break them up. When Mark Antony left his wife, Octavia, for the mesmerizing Cleopatra, Octavia’s brother Octavian brought the army of Rome to destroy them. These two lovers were so entranced with each other that they committed suicide rather than be apart- the ultimate Romeo and Juliet true love story.

Mahatma`s Teachings

I like both the movies MunnaBhai MBBS and Lage Raho MunnaBhai. I dont know about the Gandhi`s political decisions but I believe in his teachings to the nation.

Universal Truth about Boys............lolz!!

Now i truly admit, Google is very very very smart......

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Win Samsung Galaxy Note for free. Particpate now.

Samsung Galaxy Note is about to get launched on 2nd Nov 2011..
So before it gets released , you gotta a chance to win the cool smartphone..
Mind you , its far better than S2 :D
So all you need to do is go to this link
Answer the Question  , whose answer is “S Pen” :P
Next You gotta say why you need Freedom from Multiple Devices..
Hint : Note is also known as Freedom from Multiple Devices ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Diwali steal the Deal - Letsbuy

Its diwali time, and everytime Ecommerce sites come up with something new and different. This time, has come up with an offer "Diwali Steal the Deal"

Whats it:
Its a promotional campaign started by to promote itself and help its customers to get free shopping. It says one lucky winner every 30 minutes gets his order for free. Not only this, there are exclusive and special freebies with LCDs, Mobiles, Laptops, Cameras and more things. It was started on 3rd October, and till now there are 12 winners, you can see the list of winners at the offer page.
Terms And Conditions:
1) The "Diwali Steal the Deal Campaign" (hereinafter referred to as campaign) is open to all persons who being residents of India and above 18 years of age ("User") shop on the e-commerce web site 2) The term of the campaign shall be from 1st October 2011 till October 31st 2011. 3) The Company reserves the right to amend the rules of the Campaign or extend the period or cancel or discontinue the Campaign or any part thereof without giving any reasons or prior notice. 4) The employees of Company or any associated companies and members of the immediate family of the employees of the Company will not be eligible to participate in the Campaign. 5) The Company reserves the right to change the Gift due to circumstances beyond our control or to offer an alternative of similar value. 6) One transaction every 30 minutes for the length of the campaign shall be deemed free. 7) The Campaign will continue to be governed by the terms and condition of the site. 8) One assured gift with every purchase. 9) The Company is neither responsible for any warranty nor guarantees quality of the Gifts being given nor is it liable if the same are in any way defective or deficient. The Company makes no warranties or representations either expressed or implied with regard to the type, quality or fitness of the Gifts provided under this Campaign. 10) Winners shall be selected by a panel constituted by the Company. Decision of the Panel shall be final and binding. 11) The Winners will be required to complete all formalities as stated for participation in the Campaign. 12) Disputes regarding the Campaign shall not be entertained by the Company whatsoever. 13) Winners found indulging in any malpractices such as cheating, or indulging in such other means shall be disqualified from the Campaign at any time and shall not be eligible for any reward. So what for are you waititng, it is a timely promotion, hurry up before the promotion ends.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Aakash Tablet for just $35


Indian government’s ultra low-cost tablet ‘Aakash’ is finally in front of us. The official launch comes after nearly one year telecom minister Kapil Sibal flaunted a prototype of the device. Previously nicknamed as ‘Sakshat’, the Aakash is being touted as the “world’s cheapest tablet”.  The tablet is considered to be a significant accomplishment for the government, which believes the device will bridge the gap between the rural India and the ongoing technology boom in the country.  Of late we have got several queries regarding the new Aakash tablet, so we’ve decided to give you a Facts post, which will help you find answers to most of your queries.

Availability: The government will roll out 100,000 units of the Aakash tablet initially.  The details of the availability of the device are bit sketchy. The government says it will distribute the device to students through the institutions they are studying. So, best way to find out exact availability of Aakash tablet is to contact your concerned department of your college/institution.
Commercially, the device will be launched in November. Pre-booking for the Aakash tablet (retail version is known as UbiSlate) has already started. For more info on pre-booking click here

Price: Well, the Aakash tablet will be available for students at a subsidised price of nearly Rs. 1,730. However, the exact price of the Aakash is nearly Rs. 2,276, which the government paid for its procurement. As per the official website, the Aakash tablet a.k.a UbiSlate will be commercially available at Rs. 2,999.

Plans: As per official website, UbiSlate will come with an unlimited mobile Internet at Rs.98/month.

Specs:  The Aakash tablet comes with a seven-inch 800x400 resistive touchscreen. It runs on Android 2.2 Froyo OS and is powered by 366 MHz + HD video co-processor. For connectivity, it has an inbuilt WiFI support and can connect a datacard for 3G and GPRS connectivity. The device comes with a 2GB of storage memory, which can be extended up to 32GB via microSD. It has a 256 MB RAM. The device supports document formats: DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, ODP and can run PDF viewer, Text editor. It has a 2,100 mAh battery which is promised to give 3 hours of backup depending upon usage.Check out more spec details here.

Versions: Yes, there are two versions of the Aakash tablet. The subsidised Aakash tablet will miss few features such as inbuilt cellular modem and SIM to access Internet. The retail version is likely to sport full-fledged specs as announced by the government.

Developed by:  The Aakash tablet is designed, developed and manufactured by a Canada-based firm called DataWind in co-ordination with IIT Rajasthan. According to reports, DataWind plans to launch a high end version of the device in less price sensitive markets such as the UK and US.
Is Aakash really world’s cheapest tablet?
Media seems to love tagging India as the “cheapest market”, especially after the launch of Tata Nano. However, it’s not same for the Aakash. After some search on Internet, we found out that there are a number of tablets available in the same price range and that too with better specs.
We already have a seven-inch tablet running Android 2.2 OS with an 800 MHZ Cortex-A8 processor, 256 MB RAM and 2GB hard drive, built-in camera at a price of $ 39.71. Check out the product here. And if you slightly go up, you have Maxtouuch 7inch Tablet PC.
Similarly, there a number of Chinese companies offering tablets running various Android versions with better processors between the price range of $40-50. The Aakash tablet offers nothing extraordinary other than its ultra low price. If it is overhauled on the specs front with a slight price hike, the Aakash could catch up with other high end but affordable tablets in the market.
So, if the retail price for a single unit from an Indian retailer for a more powerful tablet is Rs 5,000 ($100). We are almost sure that the same tablet can be ordered in bulk to get the pricing down to the range of $50. The point is, perhaps the specifications and technology for the Aakash tablet could have been better, especially when you count the exemptions of duty and other benefits that would have been applied to the $35 project. Going by the specifications and the fact that the tablet with run Android 2.2, it's performance might just be below acceptable levels. Unless the Google Android 2.2 OS on the Aakash tablet is heavily modified for performance boost on slower processors, the lag and response of the tablet with a resistive screen can result in a frustrating experience. We hope to get our hands on the $35 gadget soon, we will reserve our final verdict for the detailed review.

Croma 5% Cash Back Diwali Offer

After the Croma Independence Offer of 5% cash back with ICICI Bank Cards now they have come up with yet another 5% cash back offer on both the ICICI Bank Credit Cards and ICICI Debit Cards.  This time the minimum purchase limit is Rs. 15,000 and you will get a flat 5% cash back on your purchase to your card account.  This cash back will be credited to the card account within 1 month of end of this promotion.  The maximum cash back that you can avail with this offer is Rs. 1000.  This offer is valid at all Croma outlets but available only on select models and brands available at Croma.

So, to avail this 5% cash back with either your ICICI Bank Debit Card or Credit Card at Croma, don’t forget to carry either of the card to get the cash back on your purchase this Diwali.

Apart from that Croma is running special offers and deals on various electronics exclusively for this diwali on LCD and LED TVs, laptops, mobile phones, digital camera, printers, monitors, refrigerator, smartphones, etc.  So, if you are looking to shop or buy any of such products make use of this offer to get the 5% cash back on your purchase at Croma.

Other Diwali Offers at Croma
With the slect frost free refrigerator you can avail free Kodak 10 MP digital camera.  With every printer worth Rs. 6000 and above you will get a free backpack.  Likewise with select home theatre systems you will get a free Philips MP3 player worth Rs. 1999 for Rs. 999.  Also with select convection microwave you will get free mobile phone worth Rs. 2490.  With select 32 inch LED TV you will get free Kodak 10 MP Digital Camara or Philips Speaker DVD combo worth Rs. 9489.  With the select LED TV range of 40 inches and above you will get a 24 inch LCD TV for free.

Oriflame - Extended Beauty to Go Recruitment Campaign

Rebate on the registration fee (Rs. 299) will be given on first BP order above handling limit (Rs. 1250) during 1st September - 10th October 2011.


Prospect Offer

Welcome Program 1


  Welcome Program 2  


 Welcome Program 3

Compete 75 BP within 30 days of joining as Oriflame consultant, get any product from next catalogue valued at Rs. 500 for FREE

Qualifiers will get the free product in their fist BP order above handling limit (Rs. 1250) in the catalogue period following the qualification
• MRP: Rs. 500
• Offer MRP: FREE!
  Complete 100 BP in next catalogue period and get Diamond Cellular Night Restorative Treatment worth Rs. 1990 for FREE!
  • Code: 18437
  • MRP: Rs. 1990
  • Offer MRP: FREE!
  • Qualifiers will get Diamond Cellular Night Restorative Treatment in their first BP order above handling limit (Rs. 1250) in the catalogue period following qualification
  • WP2 must be completed in one catalogue period after completion of WP1
  Complete 125 BP in next catalogue period and get Make that Change Palette worth Rs. 1990 for FREE!
  • Code: 23511
  • MRP: Rs. 1990
  • Offer MRP: FREE!
  • Qualifiers will get Make that Change Palette in their first BP order above handling limit (Rs. 1250) in the catalogue period following qualif

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Fund Offers

Schemes Regular

Open Date  Close Date
Download-A-Form Order Forms 30-09-11 14-10-11
Download-A-Form Order Forms 30-09-11 14-10-11
Download-A-Form Order Forms 30-09-11 14-10-11
Download-A-Form Order Forms 30-09-11 14-10-11
Download-A-Form Order Forms 22-09-11 05-10-11
Download-A-Form Order Forms 22-09-11 05-10-11
Download-A-Form Order Forms 27-09-11 11-10-11
Download-A-Form Order Forms 27-09-11 11-10-11
Download-A-Form Order Forms 27-09-11 11-10-11

Mutual Fund New Fund Listings

NAV   Returns(%)
Equity Diversified
 10.00    0.01
 9.54    -4.65
Money Market
 1026.08    10160.77
Equity Diversified
 8.74    -12.60
Debt - Short Term
 1031.39     3.14