Yes, I do support learning of Srimad Bhagwad Geeta in school. It is the most/badly wanted thing of the day. Everyone wants others to be truthful, honest, God fearing and so on so far their behaviour with our ownselves but none wants to abide by truthfulness and so on.

Srimad Bhagwad Geeta has power to inculcate higher moral standards in human beings. The learning sooner in young age is better.

Absence of moral standard in human beings would generate hate, dis-respect, revenge, cheating within human community.

If one observes carefully, today's commerce study - particularly MBA study is to support capitalism by hook or crook. Marx said, all wealth is theft and if one looks around, one would feel Marx to be right.

How much a person needs? How much can he consume? Is greed good for anyone? Greed can lead to immoral behaviour, first with outsiders and then within family. Greed is an un-extinguishable fire. Greed is in the roots of capitalism.

More money in one hand gives power to one. Power is used to control others. No one wants to be controlled. It's un-ethical to do so.

Geeta's teaching can change the society and can generate love amongst human society.