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Every Day is A New Day

New day.. New office location.. New Seat.. So many new things happened to me before this new year comes. Newness always brings enthusiasm and excitement. Hope this New Year also comes with hand full of surprises as Every Day is a New Day indeed..!!!

12 Most Famous Love Stories of All Time

When: 31 BC Where: Rome and Egypt What’s So Special about Their Love: These two had a love so strong, war was waged against them to break them up. When Mark Antony left his wife, Octavia, for the mesmerizing Cleopatra, Octavia’s brother Octavian brought the army of Rome to destroy them. These two lovers were so entranced with each other that they committed suicide rather than be apart- the ultimate Romeo and Juliet true love story.

Mahatma`s Teachings

I like both the movies MunnaBhai MBBS and Lage Raho MunnaBhai. I dont know about the Gandhi`s political decisions but I believe in his teachings to the nation.

Universal Truth about Boys............lolz!!

Now i truly admit, Google is very very very smart......

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Work from Home Best Jobs

Who does not want to sit at home and earn big bucks? If you are interested to work from home, then you should definitely know that today the job market has developed and advanced like anything as technology is opening doors for new opportunities for professionals who prefer to work from home. By on boarding these jobs you are sure to have a work life balance and can earn enough to maintain a healthy living. Listed below are the jobs that can give you a work from home option.

Here is the list of some high paying works from home jobs.

1. Web Software Engineer:  You are sure to earn big bucks sitting at home, if you opt to become a Web Software Engineer as some companies are offering work from home options for these professionals. These professionals evaluate user needs, and design computer applications software and systems. Although the level of skill required for this job is quite high, there is huge growth opportunity.  For becoming a Web Software Engineer you will need a B tech or a BE degree apart from that you should have outstanding talent to communicate and articulate engineering approaches related to scalability, performance, security, usability, of development platforms.  

2. Public Relations Professional:Second in our list of work from home jobs is Public Relations Profession. Here you are asked to work in order to promote a positive image of the group of companies or people by writing and releasing it through various media. Public Relations Professionals should definitely posses a strong written and oral communication skill. The job of Public relations can be found in both public and private sectors. The main tasks of PR include planning, developing and implementing strategies for the organization.   To become a PR one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in communications or a related field.      

3. Medical Transcriptionist: Recently the opportunity of Medical transcriptionists to work from home options has increased in India. As companies like Nuance and Cbay are giving this facility to these professionals. They deal in the process of transcription which involves converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by doctors or other healthcare professionals, into text format. To become a medical transcriptionist one needs to have a Masters Degree in Science for understanding the medical terms and the language of medicine.

4. Translator or Interpreter: The job description of interpreters or translators can be very well understood from the name itself as these are the professionals who convert one language into another.  These professionals are the ones who work on specific assignments and projects that are related to their talent and fields of knowledge to facilitate understanding. Translators or Interpreters can opt to work from home as well. Because many organizations are offering this facility to translators to take the assignment home and convert one language into another.  If you opt to become a Translator or an interpreter you need to specialize in at least two languages and also a bachelor degree is a must to bag a job in this field.

5. Graphic Designer: Graphic designers are professionals who use a mix of creative skills and business medium in order to create visual solutions to the communication and needs of customers or clients. They can opt to work from home to cater the needs of their clients. The level of skill set required in this profession is quite high. In order to become a graphic designer one needs to have a Masters degree in Instructional design, or any other appropriate educational qualification from a reputed institution is a must.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Semi-Productive Things to Do Online When trying to avoid Real Work

Productive things to do online when you are bored and lazy
You don’t always have to work hard to be productive.  Productivity can simply be the side effect of doing the right things.
So here’s a list of 29 semi-productive things I do online when my mind is set on avoiding ‘real work.’
  1. Check delicious popular tags like ‘useful,’ ‘tutorials,’ ‘tips,’ ‘howto,’ ‘advice,’ ‘entrepreneurship,’ etc. for interesting, educational articles to read.
  2. Watch one of the thousands of educational videos streaming at, Academic Earth and Teacher Tube.
  3. Read an online book list and find a new book to grab next time I’m at the library.  Here’s another list.  And another.  And another.
  4. Read a classic book online for free at Project Gutenberg, Planet eBook, or the E-books Directory.
  5. Research a new Do It Yourself project at DIY Network, Instructables, eHow, or WikiHow.
  6. Add to, delete from, or just generally sort my ongoing to-do list at Remember The Milk.
  7. Create a cool graphical mind map of some of my recent ideas at
  8. Email a close friend or family member I haven’t spoken to in awhile.
  9. Backup my recent photos, documents, and other important files online using Microsoft’s free 25 gig SkyDrive.
  10. Use Wikipedia’s random article function to pick a random article to read.
  11. Touch up on my math and science skills over a the Khan Academy, MIT OpenCourseWare, or
  12. Send a paper greeting card directly to a friend or relative at enGreet.
  13. Start learning a new language online for free at BBC Languages or Livemocha.
  14. Watch one of the insightful 6 minute and 40 second presentations at Ignite Show.
  15. Use Memorize Now to memorize a cool joke, or poem, or whatever.
  16. Use Media Convert to convert video files I have on my computer into a format I can view on my iPhone or iPod later on.
  17. Listen to an educational podcast over at Odeo or via iTunes on iTunes U.
  18. Read one of the academic journals at the Directory of Open Access Journals.
  19. Share my favorite mp3s, photos, videos, etc. with friends and family using Dropbox.
  20. Get a free college education online using this guide from Lifehacker (or read one of the other useful articles on Lifehacker).
  21. Inspire and spark my creative mind by looking at a rolling slideshow of the highest rated photos on Flickr for the last 7 days.
  22. Catch up on a short history lesson at HyperHistory or The Internet History Sourcebooks Project.  Or find out what happened today in history.
  23. Take a fun, educational online quiz at Quizlet.
  24. Play an educational online game at Lumosity, Sporcle, Games for the Brain, or Math Run.
  25. Add a little gentle rain to my environment using and then simply meditate and relax in my computer chair for 10 minutes.
  26. Sell old stuff I no longer need on eBay and make a little extra cash.
  27. Find a new musical artist to listen to based on music I like at Grooveshark, Pandora,, or Deezer.
  28. Find out what’s happening in our world from quality international news sources like BBC News and Reuters.
  29. Write a blog post like this one.
So what kind of semi-productive things do you do online in your off-time?  Please share them with us in the comments section below.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to be a good fighter of Life

If you want to succeed in life, you have to be a good fighter. Why? Because you need to fight to get valuable things in life. While you could achieve things without much effort, there is always a price for the precious ones. They not only come to you out of the air.

   The question is: how can we be a good fighter in life? Five things you should do.

   First, you should know what you want. If you do not even know what your goals are, there is no way you can be a good fighter. Without knowing what you want, you can end up getting things wrong. Without knowing what you want, you can also lack the motivation you need to succeed. Just think of a corridor. No matter how good it is a corridor, he is a big problem if he does not know where is the finish line.

   Second, you need to expect failures and prepare for them. This is important because otherwise you may get discouraged when you encounter difficulties along the path. Waiting for failure, you will be able to keep your motivation high when you face challenges. In preparation for the failures, you will be able to quickly get around it and even use them as trampolines.

   Third, you must train intensely alone. Just look at the athletes who are preparing for Olympics. They can expect to get gold without intensive training? I do not think so. Even talented athletes require intensive training for best results. Similarly, you need to intensive training in any field you are working. Discipline has to improve itself.

   Fourthly, you must always do your best on each occasion. Aim to beat your last performance and break your own records. Doing this will push you to move and never rest.

   Fifth, surround yourself with the right people. The trip will be much easier if you have the right people around you. Find people who can encourage you when you're down and remind you when you're wrong. Find people who can complement their skills and knowledge. Together with the right people, you will be able to achieve much more than what you can never achieve it. Applying these five points is not easy, but they will help you be a good fighter and achieve success in life.

Work from home online - Fast and easy ways

This article talk about the different ways you can make money from home on the Internet. These are quick and easy ways to work from home online and you can start with minimum investment.

   1. You can make money on surveys or do data entry. Although it takes time to develop a list of companies working to make this work is legitimate.

   Some people prefer to buy a list, and if you choose to do so you will want to work with reputable companies only. This will involve the time and do a search online before making any moves.

   2. E-mail marketing is an easy and popular way to work from home online. The quickest way to build a mailing list is to send offers to buy and co-registration leads.

   There are companies that will build your list for you and lets you concentrate on doing the marketing. You need to build relationships and before trying to sell any product successfully for a list of e-mail.

   3. Affiliate marketing is a great way to start working from home online, because you do not need a product of its own. You can join affiliate marketing programs for free and they will provide the products and support you need to earn money.

   As an affiliate marketer will receive sites, products, marketing materials, and well everything you need to succeed. Your job will be to learn how to market the products they represent and you earn a commission when you make a sale.

   4. Promoting products through affiliate marketing pay per click advertising is a fast and easy to work from home online. You will need to master PPC advertising skills, but once you get the hang of this you can configure it as a hands-off business.

   There are people who make 6 and 7 figure income per year using this form of promotion online. They do this without any product or his own website and spend less than a couple of hours actually supervise their business as it is created. It is not easier or faster than that.

   You need to set own targets for the level of income you want to achieve when you work from home online. If you want to develop a full time income or make a few hundred dollars a month, thanks to the Internet, it is certainly possible.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Situation @ Work

After two years of corporate world including,
‘Another one , and you are fired’ as well as ‘Great work , so unlike you !’ emails ,

All I can do is offer a big advice to those who are yet to order their business suits – Love your work .At least try to love it . But remember you are just an employee filling a job profile for them .

The day you don’t punch out the right result , they are going to help you pack your stuff and take it home in a cardboard box . So know what is important.