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This is a promotional giveaway where you could win the following prizes: Top Level Domains [Like *.com *.org *.in etc] Premium hosting for 1 year Many domains This promotion will run from Sunday, 12th October’ 2011 to 31st October’ 2011 00:00 hours (mid-night). Result of the promotion will be announced on within a week and prizes will be distributed to all the winners in the next 3 weeks’ time.

Every Day is A New Day

New day.. New office location.. New Seat.. So many new things happened to me before this new year comes. Newness always brings enthusiasm and excitement. Hope this New Year also comes with hand full of surprises as Every Day is a New Day indeed..!!!

12 Most Famous Love Stories of All Time

When: 31 BC Where: Rome and Egypt What’s So Special about Their Love: These two had a love so strong, war was waged against them to break them up. When Mark Antony left his wife, Octavia, for the mesmerizing Cleopatra, Octavia’s brother Octavian brought the army of Rome to destroy them. These two lovers were so entranced with each other that they committed suicide rather than be apart- the ultimate Romeo and Juliet true love story.

Mahatma`s Teachings

I like both the movies MunnaBhai MBBS and Lage Raho MunnaBhai. I dont know about the Gandhi`s political decisions but I believe in his teachings to the nation.

Universal Truth about Boys............lolz!!

Now i truly admit, Google is very very very smart......

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

5 Best Mobile Apps to stay connected to IPL 2012

Every cricket fan must have these apps in their smartphone for this IPL season. It is surly a dream to watch all the IPL 2012 matched sitting at home, even if that is not possible you can stay connected with the IPL matches on the move with these apps. All these apps will provide you with live updates of every cricketing action and the match schedules. Check out the best mobile apps for IPL 2012.

1. IPL 2012 for Samsung Bada OS

The IPL 2012 for Samsung Bada OS offers real time match updates along with the player statistic. It also provides the full details about the match schedule; date, time, venue, teams and even the history of IPL series along with a detail profile of the player and his achievements in the IPL series till date.

The interesting feature of this app is the reminder, just set the match for reminder which you don’t want to miss, then the app will remind before 30 minutes of the match.

2. PlayUp for iOS

The PlayUp is a social networking app especially designed for gamers. Along with social networking the app provides real time score updates, match details and schedule. It not only offers the IPL score but also has provides the score and details about other international sports like World Football, Rugby, AFL, Hockey and much more.

You can pick any sports in the list, invite your friends and hang out during the live action. Best part of PlayUp is that it connects all this live sport to you and your friends, allowing you to instantly create private hangouts and message each another in real time around the action.

3. IPL 2012 with Live Score widget for Android

The IPL 2012 with Live Score is an amazing app available for free with a widget which provides real time live scores even if the app is not running. The app comes with a live detailed scorecard, live widget large and small, user friendly UI, player statistics, team statistics and you can even vote to your favorite team, batsman and bowler.

You can also enjoy many interesting features such as up-to-date match scorecard (even old matches), commentary, match photographs, player profile, points table, related latest news and interviews of players.

4. Official DLF IPL 2012 for BlackBerry

BlackBerry users can enjoy the IPL 2012 on the go for free with Official DLF IPL 2012. The app provides up-to-date match scores as they happen, schedule by results, fixtures and by team, teams and player profile sections, latest news and photos during the course of the tournament
and videos. The app has social media integration and also works on BlackBerry PlayBook.

5. IPL Live Streaming-Free for Android

The IPL Live Streaming-Free app allows streaming live IPL matches in normal as well as HD quality for free. You can even see the highlights of recently concluded matches. You just need to select popular channels in the apps and it streams it to your device. The app requires Flash player, make sure your smartphone supports Flash before using the app.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Work from Home Best Jobs

Who does not want to sit at home and earn big bucks? If you are interested to work from home, then you should definitely know that today the job market has developed and advanced like anything as technology is opening doors for new opportunities for professionals who prefer to work from home. By on boarding these jobs you are sure to have a work life balance and can earn enough to maintain a healthy living. Listed below are the jobs that can give you a work from home option.

Here is the list of some high paying works from home jobs.

1. Web Software Engineer:  You are sure to earn big bucks sitting at home, if you opt to become a Web Software Engineer as some companies are offering work from home options for these professionals. These professionals evaluate user needs, and design computer applications software and systems. Although the level of skill required for this job is quite high, there is huge growth opportunity.  For becoming a Web Software Engineer you will need a B tech or a BE degree apart from that you should have outstanding talent to communicate and articulate engineering approaches related to scalability, performance, security, usability, of development platforms.  

2. Public Relations Professional:Second in our list of work from home jobs is Public Relations Profession. Here you are asked to work in order to promote a positive image of the group of companies or people by writing and releasing it through various media. Public Relations Professionals should definitely posses a strong written and oral communication skill. The job of Public relations can be found in both public and private sectors. The main tasks of PR include planning, developing and implementing strategies for the organization.   To become a PR one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in communications or a related field.      

3. Medical Transcriptionist: Recently the opportunity of Medical transcriptionists to work from home options has increased in India. As companies like Nuance and Cbay are giving this facility to these professionals. They deal in the process of transcription which involves converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by doctors or other healthcare professionals, into text format. To become a medical transcriptionist one needs to have a Masters Degree in Science for understanding the medical terms and the language of medicine.

4. Translator or Interpreter: The job description of interpreters or translators can be very well understood from the name itself as these are the professionals who convert one language into another.  These professionals are the ones who work on specific assignments and projects that are related to their talent and fields of knowledge to facilitate understanding. Translators or Interpreters can opt to work from home as well. Because many organizations are offering this facility to translators to take the assignment home and convert one language into another.  If you opt to become a Translator or an interpreter you need to specialize in at least two languages and also a bachelor degree is a must to bag a job in this field.

5. Graphic Designer: Graphic designers are professionals who use a mix of creative skills and business medium in order to create visual solutions to the communication and needs of customers or clients. They can opt to work from home to cater the needs of their clients. The level of skill set required in this profession is quite high. In order to become a graphic designer one needs to have a Masters degree in Instructional design, or any other appropriate educational qualification from a reputed institution is a must.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Top 10 Cars in India

India has seen an exceptional growth in the auto industry in the past decade or so. Let's take a look at 10 top selling cars in India.

Maruti Alto
Maruti Alto 

The Suzuki Alto is a small car designed by Suzuki. Its selling points have long incorporated a low price and good fuel economy. The model, presently in its seventh generation, was introduced in 1979. It was launched in the local market on September 27 in 2000. The Alto badge has often been used on different cars in Japan and in export markets. The sales volume for Alto has reached 32,965.

Maruti Swift
Maruti Swift

Swift is a sub compressed car fashioned by Suzuki in Japan since 2000. Previously, the "Swift" nameplate had been applied to the Suzuki Cultus in export markets such as Australasia, Europe, India and North America. In India, Swift was launched by Suzuki as a joint venture with Maruti and the car is known as Maruti Suzuki Swift. In the Indian auto market Swift is offered with seven alternatives, four with petrol and three with diesel engine option. The sales volume is around 18,756. 

Wagon R
Wagon R

Wagon R was introduced in Japan in 1993 and in production by Suzuki till date. The 'R' sets for Recreation.
It is one of the first cars to use the "tall wagon or tall boy" design in which the car is designed to be strangely tall with a short bonnet and more or less vertical hatchback and sides in order to make the most of cabin space while staying within the car dimension restrictions. The sales volume for Wagon R has escalated to 14,888. It has been a money-making car for Suzuki even in the International market, largely since establishing the car in India. Sales of Suzuki Wagon R have reached 5 million units at the end of February 2010. 

Tata Indica Vista
Tata Indica Vista

Indica Vista was introduced at the ninth Auto Expo in New Delhi. The Tata Indica is a rear door automobile range by Tata Motors of India. It is the first ever passenger car from Tata Motors and is also measured as India's first indigenously developed passenger car. Around 910,000 Indicas were produced as of August 2008, and the platform had generated close to 1.2 million vehicles. In 2006-07, the annual sales of Indica have been as high as 144,690 units. Current monthly sales of Indica are around 8000 units. The models have also been exported to Europe, Africa and other countries since late in 2004. The sales volume for Vista is around 11,534. 

Hyundai i10
Hyundai i10

The 5-door hatchback subcompact, Hyundai i10, is produced by the Hyundai Motor Companies. It replaced the Hyundai Atos in some markets with its launch in October 2007. Produced in India at Hyundai's Chennai plant for the domestic and export markets, it is placed at the lower end of Hyundai's hatchback subcompact range. At present i10's sales volume are around 10744. 

Mahindra Bolero
Mahindra Bolero

The rugged car, Bolero Camper is the pick-up version of Mahindra's Bolero UV, a basic pick-up with an optional air conditioner for comfort and designed to be a strong vehicle. Despite the fact that it is based on a decades old platform, its high ground clearance makes it easier to drive on rural Indian roads. The sales volume for Bolero has reached 9,338. 

Tata Indigo Manza
Tata Indigo Manza

The Tata Indigo is a compact car manufactured by Tata Motors of India. The Indigo Manza was launched on 14 October 2009.

The variation is based on the Tata X1 platform which was exhibited by Tata Motors in its prototype form called Elegante Concept during the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. The sales volume for Manza is around 9,272.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire
Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Suzuki launched a sedan based version of the Swift called the "Maruti Swift Dzire" in the Indian market. Swift DZire replaced Maruti Suzuki's well-liked entry level sedan, Maruti Suzuki Esteem on March 26, 2008, as the production of Esteem was halted in late 2007. Swift DZire was introduced only in the Indian market.

The Dzire has exactly the same wheelbase as the hatchback version and has an increased overall length due to the addition of the boot. It shares the same 1.2-liter K-series gasoline and 1.3-liter DDIS diesel engines fitted to the hatchback variation. The sales volume for this car is 8,637. 

Tata Nano
Tata Nano

The city car, Tata Nano was launched by Tata Motors. The smallest and the lowest powered car in the world, was designed to be the cheapest car in India aiming at the lowest price section in the Indian domestic market. The car was launched in the Indian market in March, 2009, with a pre-launch price offer of 100,000 (US$ 2100). Among other reasons, the new emmission regulation forced Tata to refine the engine with a higher price tag. The sales volume reached around 7,723 for Tata Nano. 

Maruti Omni
Maruti Omni

Indian automaker Maruti Suzuki has manufactured the microvan, the Maruti Omni. The first version of Maruti Omni had 796 cc engines, same as the Maruti 800. Omni was the second vehicle to be launched by Maruti, one year after the 800, in 1984. The Omni is divided into two categories, the family version and the cargo version. The newer family version has two extra seats directly behind the front seating and facing away towards the rear of the van making it an eight seater. The sales volume for Maruti Omni went up to 7,668. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Become Your Spouse’s Best Friend

Your marriage is a living example of what it is like to be in a close relationship with you.

A Couple, Riding Bikes and Hoding Hands Photo courtesy of ©, Image #10291317
Photo courtesy of ©
Unfortunately, we live in a culture that is very me-centered. Gail and I often talk to people who are frustrated with their spouses. Most of this stems from the fact that they are not getting what they think they need or what they think they should be getting.
I am not saying that it is wrong to give voice to your needs. I am saying that it is often an ineffective way to get them met, unless you first sow the seeds of giving and servanthood. (This is also good practice for being a leader in any sphere of life.)

If you are, then I would recommend three steps:
  1. Make a list of what you would want in a best-friend. If you were going to advertise on List for a best friend, what would the ad look like? Perhaps it might look like this:
    Wanted: Best Friend Prospective candidates will:
    • Make me feel good about being me.
    • Affirm my best qualities (especially when I am feeling insecure)
    • Call out the best in me, and hold me accountable to the best version of myself.
    • Listen without judging or trying to fix me.
    • Give me the benefit of the doubt.
    • Extend grace to me when I am grumpy or having a bad day.
    • Remember my birthday, favorite foods, music, and art.
    • Know my story and love me regardless.
    • Spend time with me, just because they enjoy my company.
    • Speak well of me when I am not present.
    • Serve me with a joyful spirit and without complaining.
    • Speak the truth to me when no one else will.
    • Never shame me, diminish me, or make me feel small.
    • Become excited about what I am excited about.
    • Celebrate my wins!
  2. Now become that person for your spouse. That’s right. Turn the table. Make this a list of the kind of friend you will become. I can promise you this: anyone who does half of these kinds of things will have more friends than he or she knows what to do with. But what if you focused this effort on your spouse? Think of the possibilities.
  3. Keep sowing the seeds, until the relationship blossoms. How long will it take to create this kind of relationship? It all depends on where you are starting. For some, it might be several months. For others, it might take years. Friendships are like gardens; they must be cultivated. The key is to be consistent and persistent—without expectations.
This is really nothing more than the application of the Golden Rule to marriage: “Do to others what you would want them to do to you”.
If couples would invest in one another like I am suggesting, the divorce rate would plummet. Romance is important. Sex is too. But a solid friendship is the foundation of everything else.