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Every Day is A New Day

New day.. New office location.. New Seat.. So many new things happened to me before this new year comes. Newness always brings enthusiasm and excitement. Hope this New Year also comes with hand full of surprises as Every Day is a New Day indeed..!!!

12 Most Famous Love Stories of All Time

When: 31 BC Where: Rome and Egypt What’s So Special about Their Love: These two had a love so strong, war was waged against them to break them up. When Mark Antony left his wife, Octavia, for the mesmerizing Cleopatra, Octavia’s brother Octavian brought the army of Rome to destroy them. These two lovers were so entranced with each other that they committed suicide rather than be apart- the ultimate Romeo and Juliet true love story.

Mahatma`s Teachings

I like both the movies MunnaBhai MBBS and Lage Raho MunnaBhai. I dont know about the Gandhi`s political decisions but I believe in his teachings to the nation.

Universal Truth about Boys............lolz!!

Now i truly admit, Google is very very very smart......

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Do Techies really Need an M.B.A?

We generally think that an MBA degree is a must to climb the corporate ladder in order to reach the zenith of success. Although it’s quite a debate oriented topic, that whether techies actually need an MBA or not to be successful in their career, few critics according to Investopedia, says that the Masters of Business Administration Course can be held responsible of many of the sins that it has committed which includes teaching the incorrect financial models, not addressing business risk, sidestepping business principles, hiding from the real world and caging students in the university. This can be very well proved with the example of Jeff Skilling who was an MBA and was responsible for the firm named Enron's financial collapse. On the other hand top former CEO’s like Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs who were college dropouts were quite successful in their respective careers. 

Few techies enroll for MBA courses in order to earn great salary packages but this should not be the driving factor for a techie to enroll for management courses, as he or she should have the talent for business and should have the passion to break out of the technical, R&D, Development world. Techies should be aware of the changing global trends, based on that should take a decision on whether to opt for a MBA course or not.

While many IT professionals pursue an MBA in order to get promoted in a better position in the future that includes the post of Vice President, CFO , or a CEO . However, one must definitely understand that it’s not a compulsion to acquire an MBA degree in order to excel in career as many top CEOs say that MBA degree is not necessarily a ticket to success. One should also keep in mind that only one percent of the total IT jobs for engineers require MBA and interestingly the majority of the CEO’s of top IT companies do not have an MBA degree. According to Mansi Tiwari of “The Economic Times” the CEO is not only responsible to ensure profits for all shareholders, but should have the ability to fix problems, tap new markets, bring cutting edge ideas to the table, and lead cross-cultural teams. At the same time a CEO should be passionate, empathetic, sharp and inspirational. "MBA's are losing some relevance as they become more and more 'easy' to obtain. With the proliferation of opportunities to get this credential we are seeing it as more of a nice to have but not a stand out requirement” says Mickey Matthews, VP, North America, Stanton Chase International, the global headhunter. Adding on the argument, Avneesh Raghuvanshi, one of the Partner of DKR Daulet-Singh, the CEO search firm says ,   "An MBA degree is useful but not necessarily adecisive factor, the most stressed upon areas are prior experience and leadership abilities". 

For selecting a person for the post of a CEO the selection committee in the organization might give more preference to a person with an additional MBA degree from a top B school. As the MBA degree may demonstrate that the person is highly skilled and experienced. However a study conducted by INSEAD, the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and Business Today magazine reveals that if a person has an MBA degree, only 40 percent chances are there that he or she will become a CEO. As in India only 40 percent of top CEOs have an MBA degree. The rest 60 percent CEO’s in the country do not have an MBA degree. Amongst the top 10 performing CEO’s in the country only two had an MBA degree namely Naveen Jindal, CEO of Jindal Steel & Power Limited (JSPL), who holds an MBA degree from the university of Texas at Dallas was ranked first and Bhaskar Bhat the CEO of Titan Industries, who got the fourth position in the list acquired his MBA degree from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. The most renowned CEO in the country Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries who was ranked 7th was dropped out from the prestigious Stanford University after completion of the first year.  The other successful CEO’s of the country who made to the top 10 list was AM Naik of Larsen and Toubro, YC Deveshwar of  ITC, Sunil Bharti Mittal of Bharti Airtel, R Sridhar Shriram of Transport Finance, and Vijay Jindal of Zee Entertainment Enterprises.

Although many evidences prove that an MBA degree is not necessary to become a CEO, according to Bala Vissa who was the main lead of the INSEAD study one of the most interesting findings of the study was that CEOs who started their job at a younger age and had a MBA degree were more probable to attain a better ranking success, reports the Pagalguy .com website.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Books I`m planning 2 Read

30 Books I Am Glad I Read Before 30
A medley of both fiction and nonfiction, these great reads challenged  internal status quo, opening  mind to new ideas and opportunities, and together  gave a basic framework for living, loving, learning and working successfully.
If you haven’t read these books yet, I highly recommend doing so.  They will enrich your library and your life. I am going to start it soon as I am convinced after reading its  summary. Its briefing is -
  1. Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert – Gilbert, a Harvard professor of psychology has studied happiness for decades, and he shares scientific findings that just might change the way you look at the world.  His primary goal is to persuade you into accepting the fact that happiness is not really what or where you imagined it would be.  This is my favorite book on happiness by a long shot.
  2. The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck – Pretty much the granddaddy of all self-improvement books, it’s easily one of the best nonfiction works I’ve ever read.  By melding love, science and spirituality into a primer for personal growth, Peck guides the reader through lessons on delaying gratification, accepting responsibility for decisions, dedicating oneself to truth and reality, and creating a balanced lifestyle.
  3. Getting Things Done by David Allen – The ultimate ‘organize your life’ book.  Allen’s ideas and processes are for all those people who are overwhelmed with too many things to do, too little time to do them, and a general sense of unease that something important is being missed.  The primary goal of this book is to teach you how to effectively get your ‘to-do inbox’ to empty.
  4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey – Covey presents a principle-centered approach for solving personal and professional problems by delivering a step-by-step guide for living with integrity and honesty and adapting to the inevitable change life brings us everyday.  It’s a must-read.
  5. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – This novel is an explanation of what hasbeen and always will be at the core of America’s prosperity: freedom and capitalism.  It should be required reading for every American.  All 1,069 pages are worthwhile.  Hands down, Atlas Shrugged is one of the best, most influential books I’ve ever read.
  6. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – More parable than novel, ‘The Alchemist’ uses the story of young shepherd Santiago’s search for his personal legend as an allegory for everyman’s struggle to break from the comfortable confines of conformity and pursue his life dreams.  Along the way, of course, our young everyman is beset by numerous setbacks, testing his resolve and forcing him to become attuned to the Soul of the World in order to survive.  By paying attention to the details in the world around him, which serve as omens guiding him towards his goal, young Santiago becomes an alchemist in his own right, spinning unfavorable circumstances into riches.  I’ve read this tale a few times now and it always provides priceless inspiration.
  7. Walden by Henry David Thoreau – Thoreau spent two years, two months and two days writing this book in a secluded cabin near the banks of Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts.  This is a story about being truly free from the pressures of society.  The book can speak for itself: “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”
  8. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz – Schwartz gives the reader useful, proactive steps for achieving success.  He presents a clear-cut program for getting the most out of your job, marriage, family life and other relationships.  In doing so, he proves that you don’t need to be an intellectual or have innate talent to attain great success and satisfaction in life.
  9. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely – Looks at the reasons so many of us continuously make irrational decisions on a daily basis.  It’s a scientific but easily readable and unquestionably insightful look at why we do what we do on a daily basis, and why we never change our ways even though we often ‘know better.’
  10. The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss – Ferris challenges us to evaluate our perspective on the cost and availability of our dreams, and he teaches us that hard work isn’t very hard when you love what you’re doing.  Although there’s certainly some pages of self promotion within, Ferris provides invaluable tips to help us remain aligned with our goals, set expectations on our terms, and eliminate unnecessary time-sinks while increasing our overall effectiveness.
  11. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie – Easily one of the best and most popular books on people-skills ever written.  Carnegie uses his adept storytelling skills to illustrate how to be successful by making the most of human relations.
  12. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse – A short, powerful novel about the importance of life experiences as they relate to approaching an understanding of self, happiness and attaining enlightenment.
  13. 1984 by George Orwell – 1984 still holds chief significance nearly 60 years after it was written in 1949.  It’s widely acclaimed for its haunting vision of an all-knowing government which uses pervasive, 24/7 surveillance tactics to manipulate all citizens of the populace.  In today’s world of continuous online connectivity, Orwell’s visions hit pretty close to home.
  14. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald – Set in the Jazz Age of the roaring 20’s, this book unravels a cautionary tale of the American dream.  Specifically, the reader learns that a few good friends are far more important that a zillion acquaintances, and the drive created from the desire to have something is more valuable than actually having it.
  15. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck – Steinbeck’s deeply touching tale about the survival of displaced families desperately searching for work in a nation stuck by depression will never cease to be relevant.
  16. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason – The best book on money management ever written.  Although only 145 pages, this book is packed to the brim with powerful, life changing information.  I’ve read it three times and I still pull new pearls of wisdom out of it.  Babylon should be mandatory reading beginning at the grade school level, then again in college, and should be given as a gift right along with a college diploma.
  17. Quitter by Jon Acuff – If you’re looking for an honest account of what it’s like to make the transition from your day job to your dream job, this book is for you.  The author doesn’t sugarcoat the journey or convince you that it’s worth making stupid decisions now that you’ll pay for later.  He stays grounded in reality while inspiring you to truly connect with the things you’re passionate about, and he gives you hope and a plan for getting yourself there.
  18. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer – The creator of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series reveals secrets to success with sixty-four timeless principles packed into this one book.  Sixty-four principles may seem like a lot, but each receives a concise, easy-to-digest chapter that challenges readers to risk creating their lives exactly as they want them.  This is easily one of the most practical books I’ve ever read on achieving your dreams.
  19. The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less by Barry Schwartz – Faced with too many options or decisions in your life?  We feel worse when we have too many options.  This book will make you feel better and change the way you look at them.  Schwartz discusses people making difficult decisions about jobs, families, where to live, whether to have children, how to spend recreational time, choosing colleges, etc.  He talks about why making these decisions today is much harder than it was thirty years ago, and he offers many practical suggestions for how to address decision-making so that it creates less stress and more happiness.
  20. The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman – Unfortunately, the title may limit the market to business people, but the truth is we are all in the business of managing and selling ourselves no matter what our occupation.  What makes this book warrant such a strong statement is the fact that it’s a comprehensive synthesis of all of the concepts you need to know to understand business inside and out.  There are no complex models to learn or outdated theories to memorize just to get marks or pass exams.  What you get is a clear, comprehensive set of ‘rules of thumb’ for any possible scenario you might encounter in running a business (or just your life in general).
  21. The Art of War by Sun Tzu – One of the oldest books on military strategy in the world.  It’s easily the most successful written work on the mechanics of general strategy and business tactics.
  22. The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowieckiv – Great examples of how groups of diverse people acting independently are smarter than any one person in the group.  This is one of the most entertaining and intellectually engaging books I’ve come across in a long while.  The author has a gift for making complex ideas accessible, and he has a wonderful eye for the telling anecdote.  The material within has huge implications for management, markets, decision-making and more.
  23. The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz – The authors worked with the best athletes and executives for years and found that the best ones knew how to push themselves, then recuperate, push, recuperate, and so forth.  Take this same approach to your emotional, mental, physical, and even spiritual life, and it’s a powerful metaphor.  Think of sprints, not marathons.  Be fully in whatever you’re in, then give time to recuperate.  But push further each time, past your comfort zone, like a good exercise plan.
  24. Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath – An easy to read psychology book about real ways to make change last – both personal and organizational.  So many powerful insights, based on fact not theory.  Inspiring counterintuitive stories of huge organizational change against all odds.  Highly recommended for people in all walks of life.
  25. The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz – This book is a beautiful instruction guide to achieve a life of freedom and happiness.  The author teaches four lifestyle commitments which can transform life into the realization of your own personal dream.  Simply put, this small book has made profound positive changes in my life.
  26. Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt – The chapters are short, the prose is easy to follow and the logic is compelling.  I’ve never seriously studied economics in my life, yet I had no trouble following the reasoning in this book.  This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand basic economics and the keys to widespread prosperity in the long run.
  27. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – It is unfortunate that in America, arguably the greatest nation in the free world, few people including those with high incomes understand the value of investing and the proper use of money strategies.  You can live off your income, but you can’t get wealthy off your income.  True wealth is the result of using principles described in this book.  This is a classic, must read for everyone.
  28. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams – This novel is hilarious and depicts some pretty insightful observations about life, people, and the world in general.  Under it all, it’s an enjoyable read that will leave you yearning for more.  If you don’t like science fiction, it doesn’t matter; read this book just for the laughs.  The most amazing thing about Adams’ humor is the fact that everyone seems to get it.
  29. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee – The themes within primarily involve racial injustice and the destruction of human innocence.  The author also addresses issues of class, courage, compassion, and gender roles in the American Deep South.  It’s simply a classic piece of our American history that depicts racism and prejudice, childhood innocence, and the perseverance of a man who risked it all to stand up for what he believed in.
  30. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey – The plot followers a sane man that, due to a brush with the law, opts for being committed in a mental asylum rather than be incarcerated with hard labor.  Upon his entry into the secluded world of the asylum, he strips all the barriers formed and starts laying his own rules, in his own way.  This leads to problems with the head honcho of the place.  The rollercoaster that the protagonist takes the inmates through finally leads them to realize the ultimate goal.  That man, no matter the situation, can always hold his destiny in his hands.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sathvaro Radhe Shyamno (Nrutya Natika)

SHREEJI KE MANGALA KE DARSHAN KHUL RAHE HAI!! A programme which starts with Shreenathaji Darshan and proceeds to create Gokul, Mathura, Vrindavan.

This GUJARATI programme became an instant hit in a very short period amongst Vaishnavs’ and Pushtimargiyas’ of Mumbai.

This programme, a beautiful presentation by Hiren Parpani Productions is a visual treat, which became a part of every individual is aptly named “Sathvaro Radhe Shyamno”.

A unique presentation for all the Vaishnavs’, which is a splendid amalgamation of songs, music and dance. Songs and dances are based on Radha Krishna.

You may find this description a bit simple. But when you will witness the programme you will be amazed to see how poetic, beautiful, magnificent it is. You will be mesmerized by its sheer grandeur.

Mangala Darshan, Krishna Janam, Halarda, Raas and many more Krishna Leelas are presented in such a alluring, charming way with such a grace and elegance.

A splendid performance which transports its audience from A.C. auditorium to Gokul, Vrindavan, Nathadwara. Such is an impact you feel you are with your Kanha in Vrindavan, Gokul, Nathdwara.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Speak Asia Online Website Working Back - 8 November 2011

I congrats all Speak Asians for logging in speak asia website again . On this All India Speakasia Panelist Association was also reacted as “This is a wonderful surprise, because for the last five months we have not been able to log into our website and see our RP’s. "

But According to our information SpeakAsia Login Error 21 August 2011 in month of august 2011 their was strong protest by speak asia panelist to get back Speak Asia Company. If We Calculate from 21 August 2011 till today 8 November 2011 it’s less then 4 Months when website is in the hand of EOW Mumbai.

Speak Asia Online Website by Which Speak Asia Member Login to Do Survey and Other Works. Its Start Showing the Error of Database is full. This Type of Problems are faced when a database website have reached its limit of database this error can be corrected by allocating more space for the database area.

May Be Every Body remembers the black Friday Speak Asia Tarak Bajpai Arrested 29 July 2011
When Tarak Bajpai was arrested at that time website was working.. Website goes in the hand of EOW Mumbai.. Still the Peoples can login in website.
People 1 View
Dear SpeakAsian,

As promised, the surveys are back today. However, as you know, our bank accounts continue to be inoperative
as per directives from the authorities and we are unable to process any cash request or payouts. Therefore
the Reward Points generated from Surveys will be credited to the Shopping ewallet which can be used for
shopping. This arrangement is till such time the situation improves and cash requests are allowed
to be processed.

We regret for any inconvenience caused to you.

Team SpeakAsia
People 2 View
Dear All,

Server Access is still not in our hands.

To Know The Exact Status, Please Wait Till Tomorrow Evening.

People 3 View
Dear Speak Asian
This  is  quite disappointing that  till now  the company  has  not  received  website...I talked  to authorities of Speak Asia  ...they  told me that  till now we have not received The Website.....Crime Branch EOW  is  investigating the matter ..and for some time they  cleared the cache  memory  of  Website  and  now  it is operating  for  some EOW completes  his  final  verifications  it  will be  closed  soon..So no need to celebrate  ...we will  win  but  it  will take  time.
Concluded View
If every thing was coming to back from EOW Mumbai they will soon give any press release on this topic and as we all know their reports 2 copy will be submitted 1 will be submitted in court and other will be submitted to the Government of India.
In the Speak Asia Case we have to open ears for all the direction may be today any channel will publish news on this issue.
So we suggest "" Let us not over celebrate, let us be calm and wait patiently, for the inevitable to happen. ""Website is Only a Part of Speak Asia Online Company until the control gets in the Hand of Company webmasters nothing can be happened and according to last news all are in custody.

Major Point: Legal System of India is not stopping website and people to login in the website Government concerns only on the cases which are against speak asia company such as Andhra Pradesh high court case and Supreme court case .

People have different views on all the news. Many time some of the speak asians try to publish their views as by saying the latest news on speak asia . We All have to understand a very simple thing no body from us is a government agency or court. If we don't understand the legal matter we must contact to some lawyer so that reader can get a clear picture on that.

Please go through the following link on the website of the honorable Supreme Court of India to know that the next date of hearing for Speak Asia case is on 14th Nov, 2011.

You may also very well track down the history as well as complete detail of the case on this link. 
On the left of the web page click on "case number" - > In the first box Case Type select "Writ Petition (Civil)" and in Case Number type "383"; you'll get all the information required.

I wish to caution all the Speak Asians that there are many people out there who are spreading many rumors both positive as well as negative. We are writing this article just to make sure that each and every Speak Asian must know as to where to look for authentic information related to this case.

I  also advice our readers to go through from the last judgment comes on 17th October 2011 and also make it read from any legal advisors so the no body rumors can effect from the exact information on the supreme court case. Their are no way from which you can get out of rumors until any known legal advisor will give you the exact information on the case in court.

I will also try broadcast the video of 14th November 2011 from the Supreme Court so that speak asians confusion will come to an end and hope a clear picture will take a good news for all the speak asians and their family. Let’s Hope for The Best.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Top 10 Richest Man from India in 2011

Mukesh Ambani lead a top ten dominated by industrial tycoons, including ArcelorMittal chairman Lakshmi Mittal, who came in second with a net worth of USD 19.2 billion.
Energy and metal barons Shashi and Ravi Ruia lie fourth with a combined worth of USD 10.2 billion.
Kumar Birla, head of the fabrics-to-cement Aditya Birla conglomerate, Adi Godrej of the Godrej Group and construction tycoon Pallonji Mistry -- the largest individual shareholder of the Tata Group and father-in-law to Noel Tata, touted as a likely successor to Ratan Tata -- are also in the top ten.
Many of those companies are benefiting from India's plans to spend USD 1 trillion in the five years to 2017 to overhaul its creaking infrastructure, seen as a barrier to continued economic growth.

Only one name from India's showpiece IT sector made the top ten: Azim Premji, chairman of Wipro, India's No. 3 software services provider, ranked third with a net worth of USD 13 billion.

Savitri Jindal, head of Jindal Steel and Power Ltd, was India's richest woman, sitting fifth on the list with a net worth of USD 9.5 billion. Jindal was one of only five women on the list of one hundred.

A USD 39 billion telecom scandal, likely India's largest ever graft scam, made its mark on the list, with two accused in the case, Vinod Goenka and Shahid Balwa, falling out of the top 100. Both deny any wrongdoing.
Debutants on the annual list include Kapil Bhatia and his son Rahul, founders of budget airline IndiGo, and V.G. Siddhartha, whose coffee shop chain Cafe Coffee Day gave him a net worth of USD 595 million.
India's biggest gainer in percentage terms was Brijmohan Lall Munjal, head of two-wheeler HeroMoto Corp, whose net worth rose to USD 2.7 billion in the year his firm ended a 26-year partnership with Japan's Honda Motor.

India's auto industry has seen car sales declining on high interest rates while families of four continue to buy two-wheelers, most of which can be bought without relying on loans.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Watch Hollywood Movies at PVRs for free – This month watch “The Three Musketeers”

You must be knowing about Sony PIX movie club which allow its members to have free exclusive preview of latest Hollywood movies. In the past many readers have watched movies like Transformers III and Harry Potter, Friends with Benefits for free in PVRs. This Month again a new movie The Three Musketeers is up for watching.

How to join Sony Pix Movie Club


If you have joined this club earlier then no need to register again just  carry  your previous Pass to collect your Ticket otherwise follow the below steps to register and get your free PVR Movie ticket. Please note that the membership  of  the Club  is  strictly for  students with the age group of 15-22 years,So if you fill this criteria then follow the below steps:
  1. Click here to visit Sony Pix Movie club registration form
  2. Fill up the form with all the details
  3. Soon , you will get an email with the verification link
  4. To avail your free ticket ,click on the verification link  and carry the printout to the theater

This Month Watch "The Three Musketeers" at just Rs.30

This month you will get an exclusive preview of "The Three Musketeers" , here are the details of the movie and venues
Movie:     Friends With Benefits
Date:       14th October 2011
Location 1:     PVR Juhu, Mumbai @ TBA
Location 2:     PVR Forum Mall, Bangalore @ TBA
Location 3:     PVR Saket, Delhi @ TBA
Click here to register and get free PVR movie tickets

Revolution 2020 torrent Search Chetan Bhagat | pdf

Chetan Bhagat's new Novel "Revolution 2020" has Released
Do you want to download Revolution 2020 Free??
Then you are coming on right place, Here is a message for you. Please read whole article carefully and think about it.

Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat is much awaited novel from the bestselling author.Four blockbuster novels already Five Point Someone , One Night at the Call Center, The Three Mistakes of My life and 2 states here comes the 5th one.The book, “Revolution 2020,” addresses the hot topic of corruption, a theme that resonates loudly in India in the aftermath of the mass anti-corruption protests led by social activist Anna Hazare.The novel about love, corruption and ambition.

Release date:-
Though different place had different release date

Mumbai – Oct 7, Delhi – Oct 8 New York – Oct 13 Other cities/details to come.

Chetan Bhagat is my favorite writer and he is the big supporter of Anna Hazare,
And he also want to remove the corruption from our country so please does not search for the Free PDF or Torrent, Its cost is not much. It will be the positive sign for all country and India, Please put your comment about my message what do you think?
Please don't search for torrent, buy it, its cost only 77Rs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Business Leaders should Learn From Steve Jobs

Every speaker these days refers to Apple. They cite Apple case studies and constantly quote Steve Jobs. If we were to allow every speaker free rein to talk about Apple, we might as well rename our events 'Apple this' or 'Apple that'.
9 out of 10 speakers cite Apple. Of course, the brand didn't achieve such universal reverence without reason. So let the following advice, inspired by Steve Jobs, form the blueprint for any company with serious brand ambitions.
  1. What industry category do you operate within? Break out of it.
    If you had to choose one option, what industry would you say Apple operates within? Computers, music, telephones, or retailing? In terms of revenue, the answer is phones. However, the name Apple first came to be associated with computers. When Apple released the iPod, Walt Mossberg, a product reviewer for the Wall Street Journal, interviewed Steve Jobs. Mossberg spoke to Jobs about his reasons for venturing into the music industry. Jobs explained that Apple is a digital products company, not simply a computer company.
    Had Apple defined itself as a computer company, it would wave goodbye to 2/3 of its current revenue. Is this where your company is heading today?
  2. "When you reach for the stars, you might not quite get one, but you won't come up with a handful of mud, either."
    So said the legendary advertising man Leo Burnett, although Steve Jobs could just as well have uttered these words. When attending a board meeting of what shall remain an unnamed Fortune 100 company, the chief of innovation announced 31 new revisions to their existing product portfolio. After his presentation, he felt best represented his iPad moment. "Two perhaps," he replied. Wrong answer. There's only room for one. Neither you, your company, nor the world has patience for 31 tweaks these days.
    Will your next product release represent your iPad moment? If not, go back to the drawing board.
  3. Even if you predict the future just one minute before it happens, you're still in good time.
    In San Francisco during the late 1990s. Steve Jobs made a surprise visit on stage. That was the moment he threw the new Apple Newton message pad into the iconic Apple bin on stage. Apple was too early in the game and once the game began, they were too late. This was a lesson Steve Jobs learned the hard way. The Walkman came before the iPod, Microsoft's tablet arrived before the iPad, and the Blackberry arrived before the iPhone--though Apple's impeccable timing managed to beat them all.
    Being first isn't necessarily best--understanding timing is the essence of a breakthrough.
  4. "What do you want the stores to say to people when they walk in?"
    Steve Jobs questions to Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, when he was asked for advice on the redesign of Disney's retail stores.
    If your storefront, product, service, website, store fit-out could talk to the customer, what would it say?
  5. Identify and attack your enemy in public.
    When Apple's iTunes program was already well ensconced on millions of PCs, Steve Jobs was asked what it was like to be a major Windows developer. He replied without hesitation, "It's like handing a glass of ice water to someone in Hell." Jobs never shied away from pointing out Apple's number #1 enemy in public. CEOs could learn from this.
    Often behaviour that's too self-consciously politically correct can lead to a watered-down focus and profile, both internally and externally. An enemy can define who you are, and who you're not.
  6. Don't read about your competitors to learn more--visit them.
    However, it is probably a good idea to conduct such a visit before they've become your competitor. During Steve Jobs's early days in the business, he did, in fact, pay a visit Sony. He wanted to learn about the Walkman, as well as get a sense of Sony's well-oiled operation. Jobs was heavily inspired by both. Indeed, many companies can boast of Jobs visiting them in the past--providing Apple with inspiration.
    When did you last pay a visit to a potential competitor?
  7. Don't take your success for granted--reset your watch every time.
    I've always been amazed by how some of the world's most successful organizations continue to work as tirelessly as they did when they first began. For example, take the rock group U2. Their most recent promotional tour was as intensive as the first one they embarked on 15 years ago, impressing even the most jaded rock journalists both then and now. Steve Jobs's unwavering enthusiasm for Apple was the same. Walt Mossberg recalls first seeing the iPad at Jobs's home, because, as Mossberg explained, "He was too ill at the time to go to the office."
    Act entrepreneurial. Assume you have no equity--fight as hard for your product as you did the very first time you promoted it.
  8. Every company should learn from their own mistakes and success stories.
    In reality, all companies experience a regular turnover in staff. So, the filing of experiences and the internal education often fail to capture invaluable knowledge for future reference. Apple managed to circumvent this by entrusting their HR department to employ academics and historians to document events (both good and bad), publish internal papers, and systematize the transfer of information to new Apple employees.
    Have you systematically captured and transferred the good and bad experiences within your organisation?
  9. Make your brand sticky.
    Gillette is the master of the "sticky" brand. Once you buy a Gillette razor, you are forced to buy Gillette's blades. Similarly, once you've installed Windows on your PC, it's almost impossible to avoid installing Office. True, you can buy an iPod shuffle for not much more than $100 but, beware, this is just the beginning--the chances are you'll soon be buying anything and everything that starts with a small "i."
    Have you made your product or service sticky?
  10. Treat your brand as a religion.
    If you've read any of my blogs or articles, you'll know all about my obsession with the parallels between religion and brands. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

So Far So Good - Organizations accepting donations for Typhoon PEDRING survivors

At least eight of the 17 regions of the Philippines were hit by Typhoon PEDRING (international codename: Nesat), displacing thousands of Filipinos because of the heavy rains and ensuing floods. As it leaves the country, we'll find out the full extent of the damages it caused and its corresponding health consequences. (PAGASA image above shows TY PEDRING moving through Luzon island and out to the West Philippine Sea, as of 10pm 27Sept.)

Scouring the Internet, here are some of the organizations who are now accepting donations for Typhoon PEDRING survivors. Kindly visit their respective websites and Facebook accounts and follow their Twitter accounts for updates as regards mechanisms for donation such as what items they need, where to drop off your donations, SMS or online donation systems, etc

List as of 10pm, September 27:

Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB), an Ateneo De Manila University-based NGO involved in disaster response
Landline: 426-6101 loc. 3440/3441
Telefax: 426-5968
Mobile: 0949-7337049 or 0906-348047
Contact person: Mykey Cuento
* UPDATE 9/29/2011: SLB has launched their Task Force Noah: PEDRING appeal for typhoon survivors: More details can be found >>here<<

* UPDATE 10pm 9/27/2011: Kindly visit SLB's website to know the exact areas where help is needed, the items being requested, and the field coordinator to work with in these areas.
* As of their 12nn 9/27/2011email, ready to eat food, water, and clothing are being collectedat the Loyola Schools Covered Courts, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

* SLB is also accepting donations via BPI bank deposits

Gawad Kalinga (GK)
Mobile: (+63917) 523 9777
* GK is mobilizing for Quezon City, BASECO, Pangasinan, and Nueva Ecija, among other areas

Philippine Red Cross (PRC)
Email: /
Hotline: 143 and (+632) 527.0000
* Accepts donations via SMS or text messaging
I will try to update this list should other organizations also announce their donation mechanisms.
Every little bit helps =]