Monday, September 10, 2007

Answer 2 ur Comments..

Fst of all.. Thx a lot guys 4 such an participation..
Its really a nail-biting experience (ki.. kya hoga next.. ) in reading your comments..

Also, you voted for your Blog Star.. But still only 13 votes came..
I think i will wait for some more votes & den declare it 2 u..

Today I will answer your comments in my this post as I also feel like commenting on ur views..

May I...?

k.. here it goes..

@ Acoustic Dreamer..

Ok.. I agree with you that "Whatever is not proven does not exist" but if "Love" doesn`t exist then "God" also don`t exist according to you as it is not yet proven.

There will always be mystery beyond our knowledge. Learning to be comfortable in the tension between affirming our faith and asking questions about our faith in the next is to accept our human frailty.

Jesus said,"The more enlightened you become as an adult, the more childlike will be your wisdom"

I don't claim to be right or wrong. I understand that many do not believe as I do and I don't ask of proof or evidence to support their beliefs..

But I believe "My god is the force that encourages evolution, given that evolution is moving in a direction of unity,diversity & unconditional love."

Also,an emotion which you describe,"A Feeling which just not a notion, or just a part of an evolution....its a aggression born by Rebellion Soul of Social Revolution"
But I feel, "Love is an emotion that can make you weaker or stronger... It depends on how you use it."

@ Rahul Sharma..

There is no such thing as "True Love" or "False Love".
If it is "Love" then it is true ofcourse and if it is not true then it is not "Love" but a mere "Lust".

@ Neeraj Goel..

Its not always about "Veer Zara".
Its not always necessary that A Love Story ending up with a Painful sacrifice is more TRUE than A Love Story with a Happy End.

Yes,Love do seeks sacrifices but an happy ending love story is a successful one.

@ Deepti Singh..

The more love you want to experience, the more love you must give away.
We all seek love . . . we all want to be loved. And yet love can only be ours if we give it to others. The more we give, the greater is the return. Trying to control or possess love is like trying to hold onto a sunbeam. It cannot be done.

umm.. It was gr8 discussing wid ya all..

God Bless ya..!!