Monday, September 10, 2007

Answer 2 ur Comments..

Fst of all.. Thx a lot guys 4 such an participation..
Its really a nail-biting experience (ki.. kya hoga next.. ) in reading your comments..

Also, you voted for your Blog Star.. But still only 13 votes came..
I think i will wait for some more votes & den declare it 2 u..

Today I will answer your comments in my this post as I also feel like commenting on ur views..

May I...?

k.. here it goes..

@ Acoustic Dreamer..

Ok.. I agree with you that "Whatever is not proven does not exist" but if "Love" doesn`t exist then "God" also don`t exist according to you as it is not yet proven.

There will always be mystery beyond our knowledge. Learning to be comfortable in the tension between affirming our faith and asking questions about our faith in the next is to accept our human frailty.

Jesus said,"The more enlightened you become as an adult, the more childlike will be your wisdom"

I don't claim to be right or wrong. I understand that many do not believe as I do and I don't ask of proof or evidence to support their beliefs..

But I believe "My god is the force that encourages evolution, given that evolution is moving in a direction of unity,diversity & unconditional love."

Also,an emotion which you describe,"A Feeling which just not a notion, or just a part of an evolution....its a aggression born by Rebellion Soul of Social Revolution"
But I feel, "Love is an emotion that can make you weaker or stronger... It depends on how you use it."

@ Rahul Sharma..

There is no such thing as "True Love" or "False Love".
If it is "Love" then it is true ofcourse and if it is not true then it is not "Love" but a mere "Lust".

@ Neeraj Goel..

Its not always about "Veer Zara".
Its not always necessary that A Love Story ending up with a Painful sacrifice is more TRUE than A Love Story with a Happy End.

Yes,Love do seeks sacrifices but an happy ending love story is a successful one.

@ Deepti Singh..

The more love you want to experience, the more love you must give away.
We all seek love . . . we all want to be loved. And yet love can only be ours if we give it to others. The more we give, the greater is the return. Trying to control or possess love is like trying to hold onto a sunbeam. It cannot be done.

umm.. It was gr8 discussing wid ya all..

God Bless ya..!!


hey guys after reading u comments i realized that u dont know wht's actually the love is . if u know the meaning of love then u never critcize
anybody point but unfortunately u cant do this and prove the point of love with "hammer". if u know then u calmly discuss it. love is all abt to live happily with all of them and take care of each other. it does'nt
mean it can happen within only boy -
gal , son - parents , brother - sister. love does'nt have any boundaries or any limitaions .
love is forever and exist in our heart.
first of all u have to love u surrounding after that u define love .here u pin -point each other
that is not fair in love . u have to love each other then define love until and unless never define love again.
right now most of the guys working
under one roof after that they humiliate each other . " tell me that is right " for u youngsters.

no it is not right u have to first love each other after that u define love with some other person.

saurabh u take our conversation in wrong way we are not pt out anybody. we just share our points on this topic.May be the language is not right thats why u feel so.
but we have no right to pt out anybody thoughts coz we ourself not too perfect for this. And why u feel so that we humiliate each other.
thsi is just a healthy exchange of views and nothing more than that.

deepti in all these heavy conversation all of them point each other instead of appreceating each other why this is so..
now u had said that u are not perfect then why u guys are justify each other without knowing much abt this things.....
the best thing u had to do is respect each other comments and then take it as a positive way and after that u have to point it on.....
but u guys nowhere seeems like that
in this long conversation instead of that u guys giving much more excuses even if u r caught by some other person for this i have a grt set of example but i dont want to pin point any body all are good and have a very keen intrest to know more abt love
but thing is they have to first learn how to love each other

MR.Saurabh we did'nt criticize
any one overhere...we were/are just sharing our views Mr.plz cooldown and you can'nt say that we do not love our surroundings(OS)..infact we love a OS a lot...kkkk

good saurabh i appreciate ur feelings.

gud saurabh:-)aapka point of view sun ke achha laga.

mr sharma plsss first read my second comment again.........
anyways it is good to listen that love happens in u surroundings bec
if u love u surroundings then u better able to understand love bec our surroundings tells a lot of beautiful things abt love which includes u nature , u behaviour, u attitude towards other and last thing and the most charming thing
wht u think abt other person.
in todays time we respect each other and take care of each other .

Mr Saurabh aap to gusaa he ho down yaar

yaar dere is no point of gussa i am just trying to cool down u guys and make a happy family unite, nothing else.......

ab lag raha hai ki rahul aur saurabh ladai kar rahe hai. ha ha ha.
but saurabh really nice thought and very diff i think kisi ne bhi is sense mein nahi socha hoga.

Hmmmm...... I Respect the Feeling and I do respect the people who critize it. If Accepting things as they come without putting a reasoning part to it is your belief. Then i do challenge that Belief. I dont believe in the word "Love" because it has its own areas of concern..!!!

Are we being true to Ourself... Who's we cheating over here...our ownself? Can we do that? Love....(for a boy to a girl) will do anything for her till she accepts his proposal. What after that follows is a series of compromises about you not understanding me and blah blah..... Why what happened about ur agreement towards her all thoughts when she had not accepted your love Proposal. At that time, everything was fair and square. The moment you feel she's in your court....okay let's show her who's the man now..??

Don't we all do that....What about the Love you show towards the other individuals. Does it remains the same... If your girlfriends says something that your friend is making nasty jokes about herself...that friend whom you, your ownself sat side by side from the time you were not able to hold your pajamas. you wont think about that.....And you might do the other way round....

I have millions of things that dont let me understand the word Love. That's why i hardly say I Love you... But i respect the feeling that comes regarding the mutual care and understanding....In term is given birth by the Respect you have for that individual.

I believe "Respect" is my emotion for existence on this planet to leave a mark of your footprints in the hearts and mind of people who might never know you personally....

That's all i wanna convey... Sorry to be Offending.

mudda kya tha aakhir yahan.......?


Mudda Hai "BHEJA FRY"


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