Wednesday, September 5, 2007

@ Cafe Coffee Day

I looked around at all the "couples" who sat around me.Holding hands.Shy smiles.Loud giggles.People in "love" maybe.

Love. As in , the "boy-girl" love.

You would have heard this word."Love"
It is as overused a word.For a bollywood director , "love" must be the greatest invention ever .
My friend says he is in "love" with the girl who works at the second floor of his office.I am told the punjabi girl in my class is in "love" with the hairy south indian guy in the next class.The other day , I saw the boy who hands out the food in my office canteen , with the girl who does the dishes.Maybe , they are in "love" too.
Even the cyber world is bustling with desperate flirts who hope to find "love".
And then this boyfriend-girlfriend thing.Its like a toothbrush.You got to have one.
" Hi , I have brain cancer."
Thats ok , we all gotta die anyways.
"Hello , I got limphoosirkoma of the intestine."
Chill , Rajesh Khanna in "anand" had it too.
"Namaste , my house burned down last night."
Arre tension nahi yaar , these things happen.
"Hey , I dont have a girlfriend."
What ! Why did not you tell me about this ? Oh poor boy , everything will be fine.God can be real cruel sometimes...
So love is like the neighbourhood gossip .Everybody knows about love.Talks about love.
And the way this "love" word is used , leaves me feeling strange.
I feel there are two different aspects.To love someone.And to be loved.It is said "to be loved" is a natural need.And for me , its a need and not love.As long as you want this person or need this person , you dont love him , you love yourself and want "to be loved".Love is not meant to be a selfish thing.Love is much harder and selfless than that.To love is not to wish for someone to be with oneself , but to give up oneself for that someone.Love is not in sharing coconut water on some beach, but in staying thirsty if it helps him.Love is not in him coming to you , but to care for him when you know he would not come to you.
For me , true love is not about the scene with your boy , where white clouds float around your ankles , and a cool breeze flows across the screen , well fed european guys play violins in the background , and you do a salsa with him and kiss him.For me , love's beauty is in being so consumed with it , that you forget your pains and smile , just because he smiled somewhere , aware of your existence no longer.
Love is not about wanting him , but wanting him happiness , with you or without you.
See,I am no authority.I am no love guru .I am no headmaster of the "Institute of Love Matters" ( ILM..doesnt sound bad ).But the way love is seen as some "coochie-coochie-valentines-gift-holding hands" concept leaves me feeling funny.Love is hard.Love is not a punishment which leaves you restless.But it is something which makes you feel a bliss in a punishment , just because he is happy.
I am not looking at any roses placed between yellowed pages.And I do not wish to insult anyone's feelings.Just that I feel, that to love someone is supposed to be something very deep and heartfelt, that when you say "I love you" to a boy, realise the responsibility and commitment it stands for. Its not about you anymore.Its about him.And I am not trying to preach anything here , please. Just that I felt something and wrote it.


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This comment has been removed by the author.

Rahul Sharma said...
Hhhhhhhhh Love ka naam suntein he mano....ho jata hain(POJ hain bolein to Part Of joke )
Actually it is very difficult to define Love .there are so many different definitions of Love and among those not even single can define the whole concept of love..Love is like Law of conservation of energy which can neither be created nor be destroyed yein to bus hoo jata hain. anyways I would like to define Love in my own terms
Love is a sweet feeling which comes out from the core of someones heart and some time the other person to whom you love can not understand the intensity of it that is called one sided Love and when it comes out from both hearts then it is called Mutual love
as Hetal said I too agree with her, Love in which you forget your pains and smile ,and there is a difference between To Love some one and To be loved by some one those who get the lucky charm to be loved by some one are really lucky enough....
You know you are in love when you see the world in his/her eyes,
and her/his eyes everywhere in the world.
Some times people says that ke bhai love to blind hota hein for those I wolud like to say that Love isn't blind; it just only sees what matters.
And in last this is for true lovers Love is a moment that lasts forever...
Shyad jaydaa badee batein ho gayein..i should stop now yaar..

gud hetal bahut achha likha hai par isko define karna really mushkil hai kyuki ye bus ho jataa hai.true luv sach mein use hasil karna nahi uski khushi chahta hai but inspite of this agar hum kisse pyar karte ho to uski +ive quailies ke sath-2 -ive points ko bhi accept karna padta hai.but i don't think aaj kal true luv koi karta hai agar koi karta hai to bahut kam.aab jayad kya bolu iske liye jitna kahu kam hai.

Me too agree with rahul & hetal, yein bas ho jata hain......

Nice blog Hetal.and I really agree with all u guys.Really its is difficult to define love.And really difficult to find true love.I dont have enough words to express my views on love but jst want to say these few lines that goes like:
Love is the greatest thing of life.
It may be in frnds ,
it may b in husband and wife.
Love is hot,Love is cold.
Love is coward,Love is bold.
I dont know what is Love,
But I can jst feel it,

Well Guys once i again i would like to put my views as Preeti said
"true luv sach mein use hasil karna nahi uski ..............padta hai
Yaar the thing is that "It is pretty obvious that jissein aap Cahtein hein uskoo hasil bhee karnaa cahgein vo baat alag hain ke kabhe-2 unfortunately hasil nahee on the basis of this aap yein nahee kah saktein ke hasil karna pyar nahee hota."infact lovables ko he to acheive karna cahtein hein lovers.."so i dont think ke humein try nahee karna caheyein..Infact jo try kartein hein it shows that vo he True Love kartein mam I can say that "TRUE LOVE REALLY STILL EXISTS IN TRUE HEARTS" or jaha tak +ive or -ive qualities ke baat hain so agar aap pyar kartein hein to accept bhee karoo(both =ive and -ive things)...

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its a great feeling,falling in love,ye sirf wahi samajh sakta hai jise practical experience ho,girne ka (aree bhayee pyar mein):)
aur this is the fact ki pyar bs ho jata hai,LOVE JUST HAPPENS,
but i do agree ki aaj kal sacha pyar nahi reh gaya,
waise for me LOVE IS LIFE,,,
1 bar toh sabko pyar karna hi chahiye......

kya baat hai. This is a topic eveybody want to talk about.
guysssss wake uppppp there are so many more things in this world except this stupid "Love".
Love ka toh mazak bana ke rakh diya hai aajkal sabne.
today u love this person after sometime u feel that thats not love yaar thats only attraction. jo person tumne bahut aacha lagta tha what happen to that person after sometime jo love aisa gayab ho jata hai jaise kabbhi tha hi nahi.
today not a single person can do true love to anybody sorry atleast mein nahi maan is now not a feeling but a need of people.
everybody use this word for there own need.
agar true love kahi hai toh bas parents jo apne baccho se karte hai . jismne koi matlab nai hota.
aaj kon hai jo muje sure kar sakta hai ki he/she can do true love.
if anybody plzzzzzz let me know who is that.
"MAKE SOMEONE FEEL LOVED TODAY" ye thought toh gayab hi ho gaya hai sabse dimag se.
only i can say now is plzzz stop insulting LOVE.
nice blog hetal. what ever u write is a fact.

k...Ek baat bataao : as most of u said ki aaj kal agar sacha pyar nahi reh gaya
fir bhee 1 bar toh sabko pyar karna hi chahiye....iskee fir kya zarurat hein ...You mean ke ek baar Jhuta pyar karna caheyein....hhhhh
the fact is that True love is there but the condition is that there is a need to have Eyes which can find that....(jo har kisee kein pass nahee hotee)

rahul meine ye nahi kaha ki pyaar 1 baar toh karna hi chiye.
there is no need to do love if u not get right person or true love.
pyaar tabi kare aur ussi se karo ho tumare usse true love ke layak ho.
and what u say that eyes which can find that. find toh tabi karegi jab kuch dikehga. i m not against love i also want that there is somebody with whom i can share my life but my pt is for those boys/girls who change there lover on daily basis.
and ask to yourself did u feel true love in these years. i think u got your answer yourself. kyuki if say about to find true love than surely u got that in past kyuuuuu

i m agree wid u but ye pehle achhi lagti hai baad mein pataa chalta hai jab nibhna padta hai,wahaa true luv dekh jataa hai.jaise rose ke sath hamesha kante hote hai.mein mana nahi kar rahi ki true luv nahi hai but kam hai luv to har koi bol deta but true ka matlab kahi ghum ho jataa hai mostly. mein pyar ke khilaf nahi but pyar karna asana hai usse paan thod mushkil aur usse nibhna aur bhi mushkil jo khushi se nibha gaya wo hi true lover hote hai. na jhut pyar hota hai na hi forcefully pyar karwaya jataa hai but mayne badal gaye hai pyar ke.

C Deepti , I said what ever i feel ..i feel that there is the existance of true love although it is really difficult to find out... but for that there is a need to increase your Eyes Span.or hain you know well dektaa kisein nahee hein...ha ha..or yein Rupali said "pyaar 1 baar toh karna hi chiye.thats why i wrote my previous comment..
jaha tak past main panein yaa na panein ka sawall hain that is the diffrent preeti defind Love as Fool(Rose) or katein..that is true ..bcz yaar every thing having its own pros and cons and in last but not least Exceptionals always be don't define any thing on the behalf of exceptionals.........

rahul i m not geeting your pt.
what u want to actually said.
and preeti itniiii serious language.
donot u guys think this topic going to heat up now.

topic hi aisa hai heat up to hona tha AUR TABHI TERE MAXIMUM COMMENTS HAI IS TOPIC MAI SHAYAD KYUNKI U ALSO THINK ITS INTERSTING JUST LIKE ME & RAHUL AUR RAHI BAAT MERE SERIOUS HONE KI TOH JO mujhe laga maine likha aab serious language ho ya cool i only try to express myself AUR HUM SAB SHAYAD YAHAN WOHI KAR RAHE HAI .HAI NAA.........?

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yes ofcourse i said 1 baar toh pyar sabko karna chahiye.......
pyar brother-sisters mein bhi hota hai pyar sister-sister mein bhi hota ,pyar mother -daughter mein bhi hota hai,,,,
ab 1 bar pooch lena chahiye tha na whether i m talking about this love or.............
let us talk about guys,,
(true love) aajkal bahut kam hota hai,aur jinhe milta hai true love, those people r really lucky,,,,,
pyar sabko karna chahiye,all guys r not same,most of the guys r flirts,so thats y its really difficult to believe who is right & who is not......

I wanna Say That Deepti"TRUE LOVE REALLY STILL EXISTS IN TRUE HEARTS" but Exceptionals always be there..thats it.....

rahul true love toh samaj mein aa nahi raha tha tune ab true heart ki baat kar di.
its not fair at all.(he he he)
ab ye true heart kya hota hai
false heart bhi hote hai oh my god.

ok,Rupali .Yes i should have been asked ke Tum kis love ke baat kar rahee ho... i do agree with this!

1 more thing ,we should not pin point specifically to guys or girls.....because it is applicable to both...what ever we have discussed..

yes right,ladko ka kya aajkal toh ladkiyon ka bhi koi bharosa nahi hai,dono ek doosre se ek kadam aage hein,,,,

ye baat to dono hi sahi bol rahe hai.

Miss Hetal u r aboslutely rite
well, I dont have very much experience of love ,, but these 3 words "" I LOVE U "" is very very very responsible,understandable,
and meaningful if both boy and girl mean it then just only a simple smile is enough 4 express how much u love ur beloved no need of ostly gifts , parties, outing , etc etc
if ur love is true then ur absence is all 4 him /her ,,pyaar ka koi mol nahi hota,, yeh anmol hai
True love is unconditional ,,
I m agree with u all ki pyaar kabhi bhi , kahin bhi kisi se bhi ho sakta hai,, but its very very hard to find true love ,, u have 2 be very very very lucky
love is like water
Nobody cant live without it
Everybody founds it everywhere
But everybody needs only "PURE"

True love is like "VEER ZARA"
I knw everybody is laughing on me,,
but its the truth ,i knw aaj kal yeh sab nahi chalta ,, but abhi bhi aise bahut hai duniye mein,,its not a game of lose and win, not the matter of give and take
its all abt our precious life

Love is a Paradox

How would you justify a "True Love" amoung the alternative face by you in Life. What is more true according to you .. ??

A Love Story with a Happy End or A Love Story ending up with a Painful sacrifice.... How would justify Love?

It's difficult to say. You might feel me as a Cold Hearted Guy if i would just say "I don't Believe in Love". Why should i believe which i dont understand. Or you might argue that somethings are to be understood and not to be proven. But whatever is not proven does not exist. Is it... ??? I don't Believe in Love. I just Believe in One Emotion.... I don't know its love or not. But for me that Emotion is

"A Feeling which just not a notion, or just a part of an evolution....its a aggression born by Rebellion Soul of Social Revolution"



Acoustic Dreamer I m really astonish if u said u not believe in love. U r among those lucky people who get love in your life. Why u always play with word cant u simply accept that yes I m in love and I also love that person who is so dedicated toward u.
U are lucky that u have that girl varna aaj kal itni aachi ladki kaha milti hai.
And neeraj said very beautiful thing about “veer zarra” yes that is called true love.
Without any give and take policy.

Sorry dear but i still stand by my words that i dont believe in it. Ms. Deepti i care about the feelings about the person that is dedicated towards me but that does not makes me lucky.

I am Me against Myself.

So i still stand on my stand and belief even though its a constant struggle against myself

ahaan.. so much contradictions.. I shud also reply to this now..!!

Yeh kya ho raha hai arre Yeh kya ho raha hai?

lagta hai kisiko blog samjh mai hi nahin aaya


U Better dont jump in this if you wanna Live a long Happy life.


Hey guys let us make this...portal live again....Hetal any comment?