Friday, March 11, 2016

This is ME.. On International Women's Day

I may be the ‘saree’ kind or the ‘skirt’ kind
But I wear my heart on my sleeve
I may be the ‘homemaker’ type or the ‘breadwinner’ type
But I ‘labour’ through my day and night
I may be the ‘yes to all’ sort or the ‘no to all’ sort
But I end up doing everything that needs to get done
I may be the ‘Calvin Klein’ shopper or the ‘Nirali’ shopper
But there are people I value higher than my purchases
I may be the ‘masterchef’ breed or the ‘dial-a-pizza’ breed
But I believe that good thoughts provide true nourishment
I may be the ‘fair skin’ make or the ‘wheatish complexion’ make
But my ethics are much beyond than skin-deep
Don’t judge me..don’t jacket me..
I am a little girl each time I cry myself to sleep..
I am a daughter each time I move away from my parents..
I am a sister each time I provide the much needed advice..
I am a wife each time I save the last bite of the chocolate..
I am a mother each time I clean up the mess that someone else creates..
But you will need the woman in me..
In every smile and every mile…
In every tear and every cheer...!!!
Cheers to Womanhood!


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