Thursday, April 13, 2017

Social Media

This is an era of internet and we all are part of it but does everyone know that when you connect with billions and trillions of people at just a click away it is giving you power to express and voice over or pen down your feelings to the world. But I have seen sometimes when we criticize something or some behavior or person online having one thought in mind to disgrace it then actually it is showing that we are insecure and don't have control or power of how to deal with that situation or problem in person. Today there are not many stringent laws against cyber crime but it is actually a crime if you make someone NAKED on internet and it becomes viral just for the fun. We need to be very sensitive about our opinions and feedback as it will affect many and trust me it will only lead you to trouble.

Here, All I meant to say that social media and networking is power to connect, share and grow.
Do not use it for vomit out your frustrations. We need to be ethical in commenting which should not hurt anyone personal choices and demean in any way. After few years the things which we posting online is going to be repository for our future generation wherein they will see how we used to react when they will read about us and our civilization time. I do not want to portray myself as negative body then and be considered as someone who seeks help from some consultant or lawyer.