Monday, November 21, 2011

Height increasing exercises

Good height is desired by one and all. It adds to your over-all personality and boosts your confidence level. In this phony world, where looks are given undue importance, a short person is likely to suffer from inferiority complex. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your height through a tactfully engineered exercise program, especially designed to elongate the spine and torso, strengthen core muscles, improve posture and enabling your body to increase the release of growth hormone in to the blood stream. The following few stretching exercises and yoga postures are considered to be effective in increasing the height of a person.

1. Cobra Pose
This yoga posture is known to substantially stretch and elongate the spine, consequently increasing the overall height of the person. To get into this posture, first lie flat on your stomach, facing down on the floor. Now place your palms beneath your shoulders. Gently raising your chin up by arching the back, feel a nice stretch in the whole back area extending till the neck and shoulders. Hold the position for 30 seconds to get the maximum benefits. Repeat Cobra pose for at least three times to begin with, and increase the number of repetitions gradually.
2. Super Cobra
This posture is an extension of Cobra pose and further aids in increasing the height of a person. Get into the cobra pose to start with. Your arms should be perpendicular to the ground, your back arched while raising your chin gently upwards. Once you are in the cobra pose, bend your hips slowly to bring your body in an inverted “V” position. While you get getting into the “V” position, tuck your chin against your chest. Hold the position for 10-15 seconds and then slowly get back to the cobra pose. Repeat this set, altering cobra pose and super cobra pose for at least six times to begin with.
3. Super Stretch
This is relatively a simple stretching exercise, which can be practiced by kids as well as grand parents. To do this stretch, stand straight with your hands placed firmly by your side. Now gently raise your arms up and as high as you possibly can. You may also lean back a little to feel a nice stretch across the lower back area. Hold the stretch for nearly 15 seconds and slowly get back to the original position. Repeat this stretch as many times as you can.
4. Hanging
Gravity can be considered an obstacle to growing taller. Given that we all spend a significant amount of day in an upright, vertical position, gravity causes our spine and joints to compress and shorten. Hanging helps to counteract this effect by elongating your arms, torso and the spine. Surprisingly, hanging alone can increase a person’s height by one to two inches. This exercise is especially good for growing kids and also is a fun exercise. Grasp a bar firmly and hang from it for as long as you can. This hanging practice helps the spine to get lengthened and straightened, which ultimately adds to the height of a person. Hanging is also a great exercise to improve posture. Kids can do hanging exercises at community parks along with other children to make it more competitive and enjoyable.
5. The Bow down
This position gives a nice stretch to the legs, especially hamstrings along with elongating the spine. To get into the bow down position, begin with standing upright straight with your hands firmly placed on your hips. Gently start to bend forward and continue doing so for as far as you can without bending the knees. Your head would face down, while chin should be away from the chest. Hands should stay on your hips at all times. After staying in the position for about 8-10 seconds, slowly get back to the start position. Repeat the bow down pose for six times to begin with, and gradually increase the frequency.
6. Basic leg stretch
This one works equally well for legs as well as the spine. In the sitting position, stretch your legs forward and spread them as far apart as possible. Now try to touch the toes of your one leg with your hands without bending the knees. Keep the legs stretched out and stay in the position for at least 7-10 seconds. Next, do the same stretch with the other leg. Repeat this stretching exercise for at least four times to start with.



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