Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Everyone should do Household Chores - Learning Life Skills - To Survive, Sustain & Grow


Household chores are something you will have to do at some point in life.

The image of west that is being FED to us is completely WRONG and BIASED and one-sided. We think all western women are independent, they work and they do not contribute to household, so even we want the same, because we think it’s very Indian to work in a house, or to cook or clean, it’s very INDIAN to work for a better home, and it’s Indian mentality and Indian parents who force the daughter in law to do so.

But the reality is ENTIRELY opposite!

In India, we can at least afford the house-hold help. In West, you simply can’t do that. Any housekeeper will charge you according to his per-hour labor, and let’s assume you want a housekeeper for basic household activities like cleaning, dusting, cooking, washing clothes and utensils and let’s assume you have him for 5 hours a day. In India, you can afford a housekeeper for Rs 5000 per month (in posh cities like Mumbai/Bangalore) which is WAY cheaper than West!

So, most of the western households do all their works on their own! And they also work outside, manage their homes, contribute towards cooking, cleaning and doing everything on their own - WHICH IS MANAGEABLE!

They cook, clean, wash all by themselves, even prepare breakfast, lunch & dinner everyday, and if they can do that, I believe everyone can! We can have now dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and robotic mops to help!

Here are some fun experiments to try out.

  • Go to a classroom and ask the students to write out a chit regarding what they want to become when they grow up without mentioning their names. Go through the results after collection.

    You may not find a chit that mentions housewife.
  • Stand outside a supermarket and ask everyone who is coming out— ‘Excuse me, I am doing an experiment. Could you please answer this question— What are some things you enjoy doing?’ Record all their responses and listen to them.

    You may not find a person who says ‘I enjoy washing and drying clothes, cleaning the floor, or washing utensils.’
  • Go to an apartment and set up a short meeting with the residents. Ask them if they are willing to increase the pay for their maids as an annual increment every year to keep up with the inflation.

    You may find the majority say ‘No. There is no difference in their work.’ This should give you an idea that it is a thankless job.

So you see

Women never liked doing house chores in the first place. They never felt passionate about washing clothes and cleaning vessels.

It is patriarchy that pushed them to that situation through conditioning and conveniently assumed they enjoyed it to the extent that they were ready to give up a 2LPM salary to do a 2000-rupee job.

Today, with education, social media, liberty, and more open-mindedness, all those conditioning started to crumble and fall.

So, if you believe household work is done out of interest, men also should develop that interest.

SO - It is NOT compulsory for an Indian girl to do household chores after marriage. It is MANDATORY for every HUMAN BEING to do household chores for HIMSELF!