Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Happy & Blessed - Indian Mother of Two

Having 2 kids is such a blessing . . . because they entertain each other. Oh, and family outings are more fun, they look after each other as they get older, and all that other stuff.

But I’m going to give it to you straight: it’s not going to feel like a blessing in the beginning. And that’s OK because it’s only for a little while. During those first few months, it’s all about survival.

I wish someone had been honest with me about the beginning months with two kids, other than “You’ll be fine!” You will be fine, but it is definitely worth to prepare yourself for bringing home baby number two.

Single children are often pampered and spoiled. They don't know sharing and caring and most importantly they miss the love of one very important person in their lives; the sibling. Honestly, the petty fights, sharing food, going to school together, growing up together, seriously, it matters a lot! There is more to your life than just being in parents' laps. 
You explore many of your first-times with your siblings. There are a load of things which are dangerous to share with your parents, it is your siblings who come to rescue! Trust me, This is true! Blood relation is very strong and one gets a lifetime companion whom they can lean onto anytime.

To give you an example,
I have one cousin who had full focus of his parents. He rarely did chores, did not get to play with friends or others after dinner, and spent most of his time at study or watching TV. He spent every summer alone. Most of his friends had siblings, and he always lamented not having someone to share secrets with, or play with after dinner.

On the contrary I was the eldest of two. We spent countless hours pretending the floor was lava, made up secret languages to keep secrets from our parents and friends, and hid from monsters under each other’s beds. Even when we fought, we loved each other. We became best friends. I would not trade him for the world.

Rest it is your choice.