Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The gender advantage: Women who misuse it & men who bears it

 “To be born a man in India is a crime. And to marry an Indian girl is a heinous crime. And this is because of anti-men laws in the name of laws to protect women.”

Is it an Issue with your EGO or your SPIRIT?

India regularly gets hauled over the coals for its shabby treatment of women but never gave a thought about women harassing a man?

Recently men’s rights activists scored a significant victory in India when the Supreme Court essentially identified them as the victims in domestic violence cases. The judges weren’t making the law gender-neutral, however. They stated that Indian women were filing inaccurate claims of domestic violence.

“Most of such complaints are filed in the heat of the moment over trivial issues”. It went on to state that women were not visualizing the “implications and consequences” of registering a criminal complaint against their abusive husbands. “Uncalled for arrest may ruin the chances of settlement” and because of this sometimes the victims are turned up to be a culprit in this country.

If using the rights given by the Indian constitution for threatening somebody and still being safe is women’s right then I don’t think we were a woman deserve these laws? Women rights are given for protection and these days women are using it as a shield to make the victim sound as their culprit.

This assumed belief leads to disappointments, that courts are places where innocents get harassed, so the only way to get justice is to harass the opponents and thereby that harassment will force them to come to the bargaining table and close the cases.

The only way to stop false cases is to work towards rigorous prosecution of all false cases and false pieces of evidence, including the wrong investigation by police.

Indian society laughs on a man when he says he has been raped. India ridicules any complaint about male rape. Indian feminists and society think that only men are perpetrators of a heinous crime like rape and they don’t get that even women can rape a man. This is so disgusting; Owing to such psyche there are no laws for men who are survivors of rape.

One could list at great length of many problems that afflict men today, including the male suicide epidemic, the paucity of resources for male victims of domestic violence and the falling behind of young men and boys in education. However, there is one fundamental factor related to all these problems that men encounter: there is a lack of mainstream acceptance of systemic men’s issues which is compounded by the absence of male advocacy groups with a broad remit to make the case at a political level and the level of the media.

Men have started sharing their agony, torture, and harassment by women/spouses. It is time to recognize their problem as a social and public health issue and develop appropriate strategies and interventions. They are no longer stronger than women. They need help in crisis and family violence: Particularly violence by a spouse is a crisis. Male victims of violence can be saved/helped through appropriate intervention such as recognition of violence against men by women as a public health issue; helpline for the male victims of violence; and education, awareness, and legal safeguards.

Kindly understand that gender equality is a human issue.