Friday, November 4, 2022

It's all about "Perspective"

 Indian Sweets carry Positive Psychology and Sweets 😋 

1. Jalebi

Your shape doesn't matter, 

your nature does .

No matter how messed up you look or life is , keeping a sweet tone will always help .

2. Rasgulla

No matter how much you are squeezed by circumstances,  never forget who you are . Come back to your original self . Be resilient.  

3. Boondi Ladoo

Every little drop of boondi matters. Similarly little and continuous  efforts can bring in  miraculous results.  

Continue doing little things, success will follow.

4. Soan papdi

Not everyone likes you, yet the maker doesn't stop to make you. 

Pursue your goals , irrespective of validation.  

5. Gulab jamun 

Your softness is not your weakness,  it can be your strength.  

Softness is a quality much appreciated, be proud of it.

6. Besan ka Ladoo

If you get shattered due to pressure,  you can always rebuild.  

It's a symbol of HOPE. No matter what goes wrong , we can always fix it